From the Same Ignorant Poliician Seeking A ban on Hi-Cap Magazines

From the actual sponsor of legislation to ban "hi-cap" magazines (and who already shows she knows nothing about the subject) and one of the "caring" progressivists, there is this insulting response to an elderly man who had been the victim of gun violence and in fact was at the meeting in support of more gun control. The Congresswoman's flippant attitude provides a glimpse into the real "tent" of progressivist thought of arrogant superiority over the "masses."

Hopefully she'll eat her words, but I doubt it, the nice civilized pretty wealthy safe sheeple she represents.

Yah our nation gets more polarized by the day, the collectivist marxists versus the individualist capitalists. The later, the "red states" [someone didn't study their history] are the states with all the resources, from food to oil. We also "own" most of the military bases, nukes & military men or veterans [who in any state are in the vast majority conservative]. You can call these states the South or the West [Great Plains or Rocky Mountains] Alas Colorado has gone "blue" where this woman jumpingjarhead is sharing, is from.

I tell liberals who boast along this same vein "we have all the universities & banks & culture" hmmm and I tell them "maybe we should invade you, keep the hot women & sell the rest of you to the Arabs [you love so much] or the Chinese, who'll harvest your organs or make fish food out of you" They get very upset at this "you really think that way?"

The current, in a long line of firearms legislative battles, is just one facet of this polarization. I like to think myself in the wasteland of the middle ground, but the ignorance of the left pushes harder every day.
They may speak a similar language, but most people on this side of the pond don't realise just how different to us the Americans are. Like comparing apples and oranges. you can't judge them by our standards/way of doing things.

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