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Don't know if this has been flagged up in another forum but from the latest edition of the Eye

Number Crunching

Minimum wage for privates in British Army serving in Iraq following public sector pay review last week

Minimum wage for Geoff Hoon, defence secretary, following public sector pay review last week.

No further comment needed really
Someone should make a poster of this before the election.



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A_team_lewis said:
But only TCH could do his job, he's unique.
Nominations for anyone who could do it worse?
Well you can start with the 600+ other politicians currently in parliament, each and every one of whom has the personal motto - 'Sod the job, look after No 1'.
my dog!!

wait no, sorry he couldnt, he has a modicum of intelligence and doesnt blame other dogs when he makes a mess! :twisted:
OK I'm not saying he deserves £113k but let's be real. The post is one of the hardest jobs in government and should have a hefty salary attached. Done well, I think that a minister should earn that much.
I agree a minister should earn that much. Now will TCH get off his fatarse and start earning it.
remember that it's not only his salary which is a reward for being BLiar's pal, plus he'll get an automatic peerage as well as non-executive directorships on loads of companies and all the other perks which will make him a multi-millionaire. Every one of our senior politicians goes on to become extremely wealthy - even if they're corrupt beyond belief (Archer, Mandelson, Aitken...) - cos they get the contacts. Jobs for the boys.

I think TCH deserves to be strung up. Imagine the laughing stock - proud Sergeant Major looking up at his Warrant parchment thingy and seeing the signature of that nosher on it. How embarassing!
Not forgetting ofcourse the very nice pension recently negotiated with Norwhich Union they will all get, and oh yes thats right it is a hell of a lot more than the one forced upon you
Flash, can i have permission to print that as a placcard for the blackwatch welcome home march?

I wonder if i could get my pic with that placcard into the local paper :D

The Lord Flasheart said:
Feel free AS. If you want, I could knock a better one up. Did that one in about 5 minutes! :wink:
If you would be so good old chap


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