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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by benjaminw1, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. In the spirit of goodwill to all men, a snippet from The Nigerian Army handbook...

    "47. Pulling Out Ceremony. Pulling out ceremony is held for retiring senior officers who have served the Army and the Nation and are retiring honourably. It is customary that Generals leaving the Service honourably are ‘pulled out’ as a sign of respect and final farewell from the Service. This is done immediately after the farewell parade. From the parade ground or Officers Mess, the retiring officer is expected to enter a waiting Land Rover with ropes tied on it and be pulled out of the barracks gate. Those entitled to this ceremony are officers that attain the rank of Brigadier General and above. Where the spouse of the retiring officer attends the parade, she may stand by her husband as he is ‘pulled out’."
  2. If they just didn't pull out with all the stolen money i'd say it was an alright thing
  3. They're not asking for your credit card details so it can't be true.
  4. Does he get to keep the rover and troops which pulled him off.....errrr..... out?
  5. Pulling out ceremony? Sounds like something a Catholic would do for birth control.
  6. Is the spouse expected to stand in the Land Rover, or beside it? If it's in, I hope they don't use a hard-top.
  7. "Pulling out" is an old British Army tradition, although the mode of transport was usually more akin to a carnival float IIRC: very much a p*s* take at expense of outgoing CO, involving lots of cod "ceremonial", ludicrous costumes, and usually supervised/ directed by the junior soldier in the unit. It was certainly still widely practised in BAOR during the 1970s - have a photo somewhere of my Old Man being "pulled out" of the gates of Westminster Barracks, Minden, circa 1974.