From the Nation that Invented Krokodil --

It's official - the Russians are fucking mad. (Safe for work):


If you want to see more just Google 'Russian Bungee Jump'
Barking mad...



Book Reviewer
It's winter, you can't afford Vodka, you don't want to take krokodil, but hey look there's a big elastic rope in the corner...........


Book Reviewer
Safe for work ? Not according to DFTS & MOD internet security :-(
You should be working anyway, as far as I remember, nothing on youtube was ever allowed on DII, but things change and I no longer work there so what do I know?
To be fair, if I lived in some shithole like Voronezh or Chelyabinsk, throwing myself off a tower block with an elastic rope might seem like a good idea.

In fact, I'd probably hope that the bungie broke.

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