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Hello everyone,
This is my first post on ARRSE, ive been reading the forums for a few weeks now and looking for answers to some questions that ive not been able to find, and therefore have resorted to mithering you all apologies.
Firstly Im 22 years old, im a qualified Joiner and have decided on joining the army to pursue a career in the Royal Engineers.
At my first interview the Sgt. suggested on me learning a new trade so as to make the most of my time in the army which is understandable. He informed me he trained as a Fabricator, and in 11 years hes only ever used the skills hes gained once. I was kind of shocked at this, and after doing some thinking i feel if this is a common case then it would be of no benefit to learn an extra trade if i was getting no hands on experience doing it.
This has made me look more towards REME now, Avionics technician as although the training is difficult ive been made aware that promotion and qualifications are good. Another option im also considering instead of the Royal engineers is Environmental Health technician, purely for the qualifications and im under the impression its very well payed in Civi street when my time comes to eventualy leave.
Im basicaly after some more information on the two positions above, as ive not been able to find anything whilst shifting through the forums. Also is the story of the Sgt a common one or am i being a bit too quick to jump ship and go for a different corps. I consider myself to be well motivated and believe once i learn the basics i can get stuck in to anything. Any advice would be grateful, thanks in advance!

Have you looked in the REME forum? There's a ridiculous amount of threads on Avionics Tech in there. I know cause that's where I got most of my info from.

The other job I know nothing about i'm afraid.
i have mate yes but i only find information on Air Tech not Avionics, could you link if possible please?
Had a quick search and this is what I found, don't know if they'll be any use to you as didn't bother to check them properly but they have some reference to Avionics Tech anyway.

I only start basic in 4 weeks but I am due to start Avionics. So if you have any specific questions I will try to answer them if I can based on what I know so far.


If you are a qualified joiner, then youshould be able to come into the RE and not do "Phase 2b Training" that is trade training. So youwould do Phase one, basic, followed by Combat Engineer, and then go straight to a unit, but already with a trade qual. Ask your recruiter about doing this.
Also find out if you're eligible to receive the Golden Handshake, as a qualified joiner you should be able to apply
Yep he did say that, but he also said i should make the most of my opportunity and learn an extra trade seeing as im not paying a penny for it, i was just a little put off by the fact the Sgt had only done his trade (fabricator)once in 11 years of service, surely when it comes to leaving the army hes going to be short of experience with his trade should he continue his career as a fabricator?
I also just cant seem to find any information on environmental health technician, only imformation ive recieved is from a Sgt I spoke to who was one, and all he could tell me was the army had him digging mass graves up in kosovo... not sure if he was being serious though!

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