from the horses mouth, septics are wnkers

For the female SNCO involved "The Big Red One" has a whole new meaning!

Honestly though there are only two types of soldier, those who openly admit to pulling the head off it and liars.
The septics borrowed heavily from British military doctrine post Vietnam after realising that an Army full of junkies fighting a jungle full of monkeys, backed up by the derision of a nation full of hippies, was not the way forward.

The British Army relies on "anticipation at all levels". Sadly due to a misprint this appeared in American manuals as "Masturbation at all levels".

The results are plain to see!
Fanbasher said:
drain_sniffer said:
everyone on the planet is either a wanker or a liar
Bit like - there are two types of person in this world those that admit to p!ssing in the shower or those who lie (as in liar!)
ok so the next would to plss in the shower after having a w=nk
(remember its better to w=nk in the shower than the bath as it all washes away and doesnt float around you) :twisted:

edited for being a moron
If you ever get a hard time from your shadowless one about pissing in the shower, simply open the door and pis's out of the shower on the bathroom floor. They all love that!

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