From the Daily Wail - the SA80!!

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Never having fired the A2 I have no personal knowledge, but I thought that Hechelt und Kroch had sorted the problems, or was that just party political propaganda?
IIRC, the Wail ran that story just after the refurb, about 10 years ago. Their habit of not putting a publication date on the stories makes it hard to take the filthy thing as any sort of journal of record.


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Erm... that article isn't dated, as best I can tell, and the comments section has already been closed. I'm assuming it was written a long time ago...


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ah but what is better? lots of little holes and you still need to lob a javelin at it or one or two big holes which stop it dead. :)

I remember lots of rattly sa80s in my day so not sure how can tell when they are knackered.
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