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Wherever we go and whatever we do the Infantry spend most of their time tryin to get on our vehicles - wheter it be for the BV or a ride or just protection from the nasty men. Maybe we should have some more tanks and recce and.............................get rid of the RAF (just tender private planes for when we need to go on tour & use the Yanks when we need air superiority, it would be a lot less painful) and the Navy (still living on stories of the last time we used em in Trafalgar). 8O
The infantry got a cob on with the RAC when they realised that an mechanised infantry platoon Sgt was on band 5 pay whilst an "elite" RAC ( particually a magnificent black coverall type RTR) troop Sgt AFV was living it up on band 6 pay. Don't know if it that has changed at all since the 1980's.

Yes we need more infantry but not at the expense of the RAC. Solution? Form more Ghurka battalions and ensure that at least one is attached to every RAC unit to ensure that curry powder is used correctly on scheme :D
I think that the MBT has had its day in the sense of massed tank battles of old. Wouldnt get rid of them altogether - maybe armoured regiments could bring back the assault troops they used to have - one to each sqn.
Incidentally, has the old RACTR ceased to exist? I drove pst Catterick and saw nothing at Cambrai like there used to be.
I watched the Panarama prog on monday, and thought that the troops on the ground did not have enough DF to call on.

Bring back a 76mm.. or a 90mm.
it would be cheaper than using the AT missiles they are currently using.
In for a penny...

The powers that be missed, by a good country mile(1), the best chance that they ever had to change things. It was called "Options for change" the only real change was a budget cut and a smaller army.

I will confine myself to broad brush comments.

The RAC is, without doubt, the king of AFV operators. They understand and are trained in all things vehicular. I include IFV's in this. They use vehicles to the best of their ability. No matter what vehicle, it needs an RAC(non-dismounting) crew. who will, under all circumstances provide intimate and less intimate Fire Support. The future may not hold CR3 but specialist armoured soldiers will be required no matter what fuck up the powers that be foist upon the army.

The Grunts( God bless em) are the unquestioned kings of stubble hopping. It's what they do.
Vehicles, not so much.
The Armoured battle taxi is the way forward(4) Grunts need to be on the ground with support provided by people who are using the IFV to the best of its capability.

Will continue, with the best possible smart drills, to scatter the battlefield with well aimed(2) explosive packages.(3) More needed in DS. Think BM27 battery per Batt + guns'n stuff.

It seems that modern communications systems are shit, they might work, but not if you need them.

So, either scrap the crap or make the 'kin stuff work. Now. Think universal plugs, USB, AA,AAA, C, D, lithium-ion or whatever. When push comes to shove, everyone need to be able to talk, securely 24/7. No ifs, buts or maybes. Solar powered flying rebros? Get the bloody things purchased and flying.(5)

(1) 1500 meters for the youngsters.
(2) And a few, less so.
(3) Also, IMHO, painting. They like painting.
(4) It has been since the 80's but hey... Merkava anyone?
(5) Don't care, just do it. Or similar.

This bollox has been brought to you via a decent Roast Duck, a glass or two of Syrah some damnably fine Roquefort and quite a lot of port(non-vintage)
Eye thang ewe.

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