From the City, From the Plough

From the City, From the Plough


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From the City, From the Plough - A TA Bn on D-Day and Battle of Normandy

Review by GrownupRAFBrat

This book is a novel from the Imperial War Museum’s ’Wartime Classics’ series. My copy is an uncorrected bound proof, although I found only three typos – fewer than in many of the ‘completed’ books I’ve reviewed. I think this says a lot about the standard of written English in the 1940s, before the days of ‘spellcheckers’. I found the style easy to read, the pace of the story fast, and the descriptions wonderful, despite the author’s ‘sparse’ style.


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Cracking book! My copy is an ancient paperback in Danish.

As an aside the author actually served in the Pioneer Corps. Still a very realistic account though.