From the BBC Russia shot Georgian UAV

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by socialhandgrenade247, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. Interesting, but it does not say where it occured. Was it in Georgian or Russian airspace?
  2. Yeah I saw that, good footage. The Georgian official claimed it happened over Abkhazia. Russia completely denied the incident ever happened.
  3. Not the hardest of shots i'd have thought - but good footage anyway! Is Georgia a fully independent state then?
  4. On Sunday Abkhasians made a statement claiming they shot down Georgian spy-plane over their territory; Georgian government denied they had spy-plane there. Monday Abkhasians went public demonstrating the wreckage; Georgia admitted they did have a spy over Abkhasia, but went hysterical claiming it was shot down by Russians from Abkhasian airbase despite Abkhasians insisting they did it and not for the first time either. :D
  5. Georgian snobbery at work then? :D
  6. Abkhwhovians? Is this one of those imaginary places that only Russia recognises?
  7. Abkhazia- isn't that where they send the nasty wizards in the Harry Potter books?
  8. :D
    Not yet. But God forbid you ever refer to Abkhaz as Georgian!
  9. So, to sum up we have a Georgian drone allegedly shot down by the Azkabanians, who are also more or less Georgians, but would rather be Russians. Am I allowed to be confused right now? :? 8O :slow:
  10. I see some Russian official on Interfax claimed it was an Abkhaz L-39. Hilarious. He might have well said it was shot down by a Morris Minor. It was obviously a MiG-29, clear as day. Quite interesting to see how sensitive the IR seeker is on an R-73 missile - that UAV must give off about as much heat as a candle flame.
  11. It's a region in Georgia, loyal to moscow.

    Domovoy is spinning things a bit though, the Abkhazian claimed to have shot it down with anti air, the video clearly shows a mig.

    the most the Abkhazian air force has is a few of these armed with machine guns;

  12. So, with Georgia as part of NATO we would be bound by the treaty to leap to their defence...

  13. codbutt, it was not Russian official, but Abkhasian

    "Deputy Defense Minister Garri Kupalba of unrecognized republic claimed at a press conference in Sukhumi that the drone was shot down not by MIG-29 but by L-39 aircraft. Several of them, modified from the training are available to Abkhazia."

    I'm not "spinning" anything. The first spy-plane was shot down over Abkhasia on the 18 of March:
    "The Abkhaz air defenses shot down the plane. According to ITAR-TASS secretary of the Security Council of unrecognized republic Stanislav Lakoba, drone aircraft, flew on to the territory of Abkhazia from the east. A fighter plane was launched and shot it down between Ochamchirskim and Gali districts in the vicinity of the village of Primorskoye.
    The Ministry of Defense of Georgia has called "absurd" the statement made by Sukhumi: "These allegations are absurd " - said the military representative of Georgian republic - we are not going to comment on such statements." " 18.03.2008 16:31

    On the 20 of April the second one was shot down.
  14. That's OK'. Caucasus are populated by more than 50 indigenous nations and quite few of them hate each other.
    Abkhasians don't consider themselves Georgians nor Russians but they'd rather be close to Russia than part of Georgia. Situation with Ossetia is pretty much the same...
    Caucasus is a delicate region. :)