From the back of a Hercules

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by happybonzo, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Bloody hell!! That Typhoon must have been almost on stall to get that close. What an amazing set of piccys. You feel that the loadie could have lent out and wiped his windscreen for him.
  2. Surely it would have been easier just to use the zoom lens on the camera!! :wink:
  3. One amazing pilot!

    Cough Cough..Me Some day! Cough Cough!! :D
  4. Damn and blast, work pc wont let me see, any chance of some kind soul putting them up?
  5. background info -

  6. I trust the photographer was secured by a safety belt, imagine being sucked into that intake.
    Has anyone seen the Prog on Discovery Channel on 'Dogfights' ?
    I am referring to the episode that shows Saber Vee Mig 15 in Mig Alley North Korea.
    In the program one Saber has his Fuel tanks ruptured and the second Saber closes up behind and then 'Pushes' the damage Saber with his nose up the leading a/cs tail pipe.
    Normally I would have said #%^ , except the pilot a 7 kill veteran was on the program and said he did this.
  7. I hope the 'Phoon pilot switched his radar off. Otherwise that loadie will be a jaffa!
  8. Hello,

    has anyone seen those films where they are in a boat and they touch a Great White shark on the nose?
    I wonder if you could do the same with a Typhoon?
    Not that aircrew would ever try anything so rash of course.

  9. I sent an E mail to a ex US Navy Fighter Pilot I know, he flew Panthers from carriers in Korean War, and asked about the Saber incident. I have printed his reply less some personal matters below

    "Messmate, Saw the program and also had been aware of Risners action. It did happen. The F86 has a intake in the nose with a bit of a nub at the top. He did insert it in the tailpipe of the damaged jet of his wingman and pushed him out of harms way. The sad thing was, the idiots who rescued him did not get him up from the sea and dragged his chute. He then died from drowning.
    Risner was a prisoner in Vietnam and was a leader of the resistance group at the Hanoi Hilton. He was brutally tortured. There is now a statue of him at the Air Force Academy purchased by Ross Perot.
    I attended a great renunion, as a guest of a old Navy mate, at the reunion of the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Assoc, known as the River Rats, at the Las Vegas Sahara Hotel in 1978. Risner was there along with the returned prisoners. Did not have the pleasure of meeting him though. It was quite a emotional group, as they rang the freedom bell for the returned. Quiet weekend with the bars closed.

    I'll tell you a few funny stories about the River Rat reunion when we get together.

    Cdr Somchai, Idiot in Residences some personal stuff below.