From the Afghan thread: Chinese group wins rights to Afghan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eveyoz, Nov 21, 2007.

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    Very interesting, I wonder who will provide security for this? Will China play a role in Afghanistan?
  2. To answer your questions Chinese 'P'MC's will provide security and China is already involved In Afghanistan and will be to an increasing extent. Remember that China has a problem with Islamic types (to which they apply radical but effective solutions) and don't want AQ to control their next door neighbours.
  3. Biped

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    AQ will probably have a pop at the Chinese PMC once, and then they won't be able to anymore - that's my thoughts.
  4. Because of Chinas one child policy and people actively preferring boys China now has approx 30 million young males who have no chance of finding a wife or girlfriend. The Govt has identified this as a possible serious source of social instability, as a result it only allows unmarried individuals to do the most dangerous jobs.

    It is not beyond possibility that if the situation in Afghanistan seriously deteriorates and threatens China's interests (i.e. raw materials or just AQ on the border shipping smack), that substantial numbers of Chinese PMC employees could be deployed; not the PLA but more of a sort of Iraq PMC ‘off the books’ stylee thingy.
  5. I'm sorry, could you explain the term "Chinese 'P'MC's"? Any links to info about them.


  6. As in Chinese Private Military Companies, the 'private' is in commas because they are not private in the Western sense of the word, only employed on Chinese owned projects aboard. No links as they don't advertise.
  7. Chinks vs. AQ... I know which side I'd put my spodulicks on..
  8. It will happen within our lifetimes.....never forget when the chips are down China regards itself as a member of the first rank of secular, developed 'western style'(and white) Countries - the US, EU etc.

    Unlike Russia, China is not paranoid and defensive to the point of deep throating Islam to spite the nasty westerners (alrite Vlad )
  9. Thanks for the explanation
  10. Hopefully this brings some money into the Afghan economy, god knows it's desperately needed
  11. If China start to have a real and current interest in 'stan I wonder how this will affect Iran's meddling there.
  12. That'll depend on whether China needs oil more or less than copper. I personally suspect they'll need copper more for the kind of high-tech society they're going for. Oil fired power plants are being replaced by coal and nuclear, although if Iran discovers uranium deposits, all bets are off.

    I don't for a minute doubt they'd be happy enough to see the mullahs slapped down, since as a_j mentioned, they have their own easily-radicalised Muslim minorities in the far West and North of the county. But I doubt they'll be too far forward in taking the fight to the Taliban - strictly defensive in military terms. Those surplus males are still somebody's son and we've seen in the past how Johnny Public react to pointless the deaths of their old-age fund. Look what a blow the first disastrous war with Vietnam was to the Party.
  13. A Chinesse PMC, it'll be like Blackwater but with less regard for the lifes of innocent civvies.

    I'm sure they will deal with any AQ attacks in a way the westen militaries wouldn't allow.