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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by adlawrenceuk, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. How long does it generally take to get from filling in your Army Interest Form at the Careers Office to actually attending RMAS? (Assuming you get category 1 at briefing and main board etc.)

    I am only asking because just sent the Army Interest Form back to the ACO today, (Although unfortunately my local office doesn't do much officer recruiting so I have to travel to Birmingham), and I want it so bad.
    Thanks for any help.
  2. Unfortunately there is no definite answer, even more so given that officer careers seem immensely popular at the moment and Westbury is rather swamped. Much will hang on how soon you can get an interview with an army careers adviser (ACA - usually a Colonel). Your ACA is the person who'll manage your application and has a great influence on how fast things happen for you; for instance someone just leaving university will probably get a quicker ride than someone just starting.

    A good estimate (if a little optimistic) would be 5 months from ACA interview to Main Board. From there it really depends on where you find yourself in terms of the Sandhurst intakes (January, May, September) and how many places are available.
    All-in-all you could be looking at anywhere from 6-12 months. It can seem like a long time, just stay focussed.

    Best of luck.
  3. I put my initial interest form in March of last year (also Birmingham). I then had to wait until the beginning of May for a compulsory group talk with ACA, the end of June for my ACA interview, October for my AOSB briefing (Cat 1), January for my main board and I starting at the RMAS in May.

    Basically don't hold your breath.
  4. What Rinaldi says, and i would think very carefully about doing any sporting activities immediately prior to Briefing etc as I broke my leg snowboarding 3 weeks before briefing and had to delay 3 months.

    - Interest form posted August 2009
    - ACA interview end of September (London)
    - Briefing Jan (now April)
    - Main Board - Advised 3 months after subject to Cat1
    - RMAS - January 2010 if spaces available.

    They say the things you want take the longest to get and am sure the elongation of the process helps weed out those who are not truly dedicated.

    Good luck pal
  5. Too bloody long.

    Next! :p
  6. Depending on what area of the army you're intersted in fam visits may take a while, which is something worth taking into account. I'm considering RE (at rather a last stage in the process) and have been offered a fam visit in July having requested ACA formally introduce me last week. Obviously if I was looking for May intake I would have to delay. If your raring to go at the first available opportunity I would suggest getting some lined up sharpish.

    Gool luck with it all!
  7. Hi all,
    I've been reading the threads and taking into account as much as i can but im still confused on the actual process.
    As well as the ACA, Main Board, Sandhurst intake there are the familiarity visits yes? when are these, or is that purely on a capbadge by capbadge basis running throughout the year?
    Is this the general outline, any other positions or points of note would be appreciated on the journey to RMAS.
  8. Army Interest Form - April
    Interview - May
    Briefing - September (Cat 1)
    Main Board - December
    PCCBC - March
    Sandhurst - May

    So around a's a long process! Don't focus on Fam visits pre-briefing, do them if you are offered. Basically I did 1 (RA) before, and after I passed they are all coming around, have 3 others booked now (RAng, QRL, RAC).

    Just stick to it, and make sure you do your paperwork right. Also check to see if your employer pays for Eye Exams, I've had to have 3 and that saved me £75!
  9. Can you tell me what the PCCBC is mate?
    and im a spectacle wearer, surely the eye tests at Spacsavers should be ok to be issued to the medical check-im-not-dead person?
  11. Right, got that.
    Being the pre-commissioning course, is it in between AOSB main and RMAS?

  12. Well it would be a little pointless before main board.

    When you have a confirmed place on a commissioning course, you'll get sent out the joining instructions I think 6 months before the start of said course and also presumably instructions on how to book on to the relevant PCCBC
  13. I think it all depends on how quickly you want the process to take. But I think for most it takes roughly a year. I started whilst in my final year at Uni.

    I filled in my first form online Jan 09 (ACO).
    Then interview with ACA in FEB.
    Briefing in March (Cat 1)
    Offered a Fam visit from RAMC but declined as I was doing my finals (May/June time)
    Main Board August
    Aptitude test for AAC august
    Started work in August Full time so had to fit fam visits around them
    Once I passed main board the Intelligence and Air Corps offered me Fam visits
    AAC Fam visit Early Feb (2010)
    INTEL Visit April
    PCCBC March
    Sandhurst May

    Almost there now..........
  14. Allow a year.... the hold up is usually briefing to main board

    Online form - Oct 07
    ACA reply saying they were snowed under - Nov 07
    Moved down south, paperwork followed - Mar 08
    Initial interview with the Col - Apr 08
    Briefing - May 08 CAT 1 (1st available)
    Visits - June/July
    Main Board - Sep 08 (1st available)
    Grading - Sep/Oct 08
    PCCBC - Nov 08
    RMAS - Jan 09.

    I was pushing for the Sept intake at RMAS, very glad I went with the January one, and in hindsight September wouldn't have happened!