From TA to Regs

I am aware that there are posts already out there about this, but I wanted some more update thoughts from people. I run a successful recruitment business and have had a good career since graduating 9 years ago. When I left uni I was really keen to get a commission with the Cavalry and went through the process up to RCB (didn't actually go through that though)
At the time, I decided that I should stick to the civilian career and maybe look at the TA instead.
Admittedly a long time later on, I have done just that. I thought I was too old but at a tender 29 was told I was fine and am now loving the whole thing. Admittedly only at the beginning with a lot of training to do, but I absolutely love it.'s started to get me thinking about doing it full time. I think about it 24/7 anyway and find work as a bit of a distraction to be honest! The regiment I'm in and the RTC has a very busy schedule which suits me fine, but am beginning to seriously think about doing this permanently. My business has made me some money which will look after my gf and I and means it's not the main preoccupation; my gf said to me the other night 'why don't you see about doing it full time because it obviously makes you very happy' so she's 100% behind me.
What do people think? Should I file away the civvy business and go and try and become a reg officer? Is that doable?
Any suggestions gratefuly received


The regular army has slightly tighter age limits than the TA. You need to join on at RMAS before you 29th birthday, and thats having passed AOSB etc. If you're already passed this threashold, the other option is to commission into the TA (age limit 35 for officers) and go FTRS, which is becoming a lot more popular these days with "the current economic climate" and the tempo of ops. Those are the two main options for you, but both would mean doing AOSB et al.
Alternatively, i believe it may be possible to go FTRS without having a commission, but you would have to check that. Hope that helps.

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