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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by exmarsbar, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. OK, so I'm on this DEPO malarky and lets just say that the info is kinda murky. Seems no one wants to let anyone know what the whole process is apart from some dates on a sheet of paper and the words "You do understand that once you commission you'll be going to Iraq like THAT (clicks fingers)", immediately before thrusting a bible in your right hand at your Attestation. So during my endless evenings of trying to figure out when exactly I'm going to have to run my dreaded mile and half and coming to terms that I WILL be visiting Saddamland this time next year I got thinking about joining the regs and came up with the following question:

    If I commission in the TA and achieve the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and later decide to join the regs, do I....
    1. Keep the rank of 2nd Lieutenant during Sandhurst and consequently jump a pay structure? - £20k a year versus £13k for the whole year warrants this question being asked! :-o
    2. Do I still have to do the full year at Sandhurst? (I think this is a bit of a stupid question, but one that has to be asked.)

    If anyone in "the know" cares to shed light on this, it would be much appreciated, so that I can stop pontificating over the endless possibilities.
  2. To get the ball started (or so that someone in the true know comes and says i'm completely wrong... ;))...

    The one thing of use a Brigadier said (am a DEPO as well) was that the Army is looking for an easier process for people to transfer to the Regs, to the TA, back to the Regs etc if they want a career break or change of pace or the such.

    So in theory in the long line you may well be able to do this, a regular career officer did say they were looking at this but didn't sound to hopeful it will work out.

    I do know that if you pass TA Briefing you don't need to do a Regular one as I've enquired myself on that point. This is because TCB and RCB are the same bar a few changes in the order things are done.

    So with the confidence of a man who has been told this is the way it is (and in true army fashion awaits to be told it won't be due to directive x) I can say that the process to be a regular officer is made that one step easier.

    As for training times and promotion scales I don't know, that would take someone who is far more 'in the know' than I. Que...
  3. 1) No, you have to resign your TA commission. You go to Sandhurst as an O/Cdt and your pay will reflect this. If you are a graduate you will receive seniority and therefore higher pay, plus your promotion will be faster after passing out, specifically one rather than two years as a 2Lt.

    2) Yes.
  4. OK, barkingbugle, well that seems to have cleared things up. Are you in the TA or Regs yourself in the Admin side of things, or speaking through experience? I rather liked antphilips reply (thanks for getting the post going), but thought that it may be wishful thinking!
  5. Sorry to disappoint you but a TCB pass is NOT the equivalent of an RCB pass - the other way round yes but not TA to RCB (unless they have moved the goal posts recently). To go regular you would have to do Pre RCB (sorry RCB Briefing) and then pass RCB before resigning your commission and heading off to Sandhurst for a year. I did hear a rumour that they may consider operational experience as a back way in but some how I doubt it. I have been fighting for ages for a simpler way to convert TA to reg but I just get shouted down and told that I should wind my neck in as at Sandhurst I would be taught how to eat properly!! Although to be fair some of the reg officers I've seen seem to have missed that lesson!!!!
  6. It's quite clear-cut at the lower end; if you commission into the TA you then have to do RCB and then the full monty course, lose all seniority etc. We have (rather, had) two Lts who decided a life in green was for them and will be on sovereign's parade with the Telic medal, and one of them, the jubilee choccy penny dangling. If you've taken JOTES 1, that also still stands as reg subalterns did the same as TA. PCBC and skills to arm courses all have to be taken again. When's the point at which you think 'mm...can't be arrsed with all that'.

    I can't see Antphilip's scenario happen, although much depends on the actual product from MK1/2, as there will always remain the difference in education between reg/TA - how can my 12 day JDSC compare to the [6 week?] reg equivalent? How can my 14 day CATAC compare to the regular? Does anyone in the TA infantry know anything more than theory about AI? No, although we often kid ourselves. The reality is that there isn't really much interchangability between us, although TA officers could conceivably fill a slot with tutoring. Is it really worth the effort to convert a TA capt or maj who is competent within the TA to being able to jump into a Bde Ops Offr or COS job? Er... no.
    Nor, I would argue, would the TA welcome reg officers who want an easy, unimaginative and lazy time of it coming into the TA. No. We have them already, they're called Training Majors.... Go on - I dare you to disagree!
  7. I held a TA commission, had to resign to go to Regular Sandbags.

    It was a good ground recce, e.g. where is the Churchill hall, tea rooms, and not entirely wasted oppurtunity.

    then med discharge and back into commissioned appointment in the ta.

    Only ever passed RCB so I would agree with the above RCB to TA commission works, but TCB to Reg commission does not work.

    Also have a mate who went on Telic 1, with the Regs, he was TA, the host regiment asked him to go regular, but could not find a way for him not to do Sandhurst, Sandhurst said he would have to do all 3 terms, and pass RCB.

    So it is highly unlikely, unless you are over the age limit for Sandhurst which i believe is around the 28/29 year old mark for the regs.

  8. I'd agree Stabtastic, after many years of looking for an easy way into the regs I've given up bothering. Enjoy civvy life and do your green stuff at the weekends. Although you may be sneered at by some of the regs, the majority of them from what I have seen have a grudging respect for the TA as after all we manage to juggle two careers. As for the TA courses not being the equivalent of the reg ones - I'd agree with that as well however its weird how despite doing all the TA courses you can still be mobilised into an ops o job in the regs when the situation arises!!!!
  9. I honestly think you're better off in the TA. I've been in the process myself of deciding whether to go back after a GYC, and if you break it down then I reckon it's a no-brainer, especially if you're already a STAB.

    You don't get the 3 boring weeks in February in camp with nothing better to do than veh maintenance, you get to choose where you live (i.e. in a town. With people. And girls. And everything.) You get intellectual stimulation during the day instead of just writing up mind-numbing PXR points, admin instructions etc etc, you don't lose days off with a click of the Adjt's fingers...

    Buuu-uut. You still go on exercise, have a craic with the boys, and go on operations. All the bits that people join for. I'm not too gutted about missing out on X-Factor if that's the worst that can happen...
  10. Fair enough, but I reckon there's plenty of TA personnel out there with some pretty mind-numbing jobs. People join the TA because it offers something they want a piece of. One of the appeals of Reg service is variety within the job, and working with some top people. There may be occasional periods of down-time, but you have the time to train fully, up to the required standard. Whilst I have every respect for non-reg personnel, time spent training is seldom wasted. In the TA there is simply not enough time to conduct the same amount of training.

    Plus you get a minimum of 6 weeks leave per year, which in reality is regularly much more than that, and get paid to go Adv Trg (sometimes).
  11. Once you're a TA Captain you can go directly into regular service ISTR. TA Subalterns start again.

    One annoying thing is that graduate TA OCdts/ 2Lts don't get the higher pay scales like the regulars.
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    My understanding is that, as has been said earlier, you can go from TA service to FTRS at any officer rank, if you can get anybody to take you. If you want to transfer to regular you would have to pass RCB and if under 30 attend Sandhurst.

    Perhaps the other issue to consider is: is it reasonable to expect that you can do the TA Commissioning course and then go off and be a regular officer. The fact that you are asking the question would make me question your suitability to be either a TA officer or a regular officer.
  13. Enough dross has gotten in by the backdoor, by passing RMAS which would have weeded out the oxygen thieves. The current OC of a simian like unit in London district did that and what a useless disgrace.

    Nobody likes a cheat
  14. I commissioned in the TA in 2001 and then again into the Field Army in 2003. You do have to do the whole year although having had the TA pip does give you a bit of a personal step up and makes the course easier initially. You will get no preferential pay or seniority.
    You may hear of other people who went through a loophole that is now closed as the last person to use it was on my TA commissioning course in 2001 and is now having real problems convincing the Army to let him keep his Regular (converted) commission despite having been a captain for more than a year.

    Anyway the 'Hurst is a pleasure and you should aim to spend as much time at the Dark Place as is humanly possible.


    It must be accepted as a principle that the rifle cannot replace the speed of the horse, the magnetism of the charge and the terror of cold steel. The British Cavalry Manual 1907.
  15. Help me out here.... FTRS... I'm assuming that stands for Full Time Reserve Service? Or am I completely wrong?

    I also take great offence at your last remark. I decided to join the TA, then after some time thought about the Regulars. Only a muppet wouldn't ask the question of maintaining their rank, since after all, you get sent on Operations with that rank and in charge of regular soldiers, so it would figure that one would keep it at Sandhurst. Although I can't say that I think that makes sense.... surely a TA Officer's training should be longer... but that's a whole different topic! An enquiring mind, one that contemplates all options and avenues and asks questions to gather all relevant information, is what is required of an Officer, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

    At no point did I sign up to the TA as a possible "backdoor" into the Regs. And if I had done it for that sole purpose, what I prat I was, eh? Cos that means I've just wasted months. Dang!

    But on the plus side the initial questions are answered and I can now tittle tattle along in the TA before deciding whether or not to take the plunge into the Regulars. But then there's that FTRS thingy.... ohhhh.... the endless options to wonder about :)