From squishy Grad to Army candidate - any advice?

I’m currently scheduled to go on the initial 2 day RCB briefing, in the hope to move on and escape the depressing and joylous world of being a recent graduate. Being a soft, fluffy civi not too long out of Uni it’s safe to say I haven’t come from an overly hard and demanding background, though I’ve tried my hand at martial arts and have done a couple of years with Exeter OTC. With being 23 and fast running out of options, I've decided to crack on.

My Date is set for the 2nd/3rd of October, just over 6 weeks away which has driven me on to really get prepped in order to get through to the second stage. I’ve done my current affairs and everything else that I need to do, but I have major issue which has got me worried.

And as you’ve probably guessed, is fitness.

I’ve been doing jogging now for a good couple of months, in order to get myself into some form of shape as I knew that I wanted to push forward and get myself in the forces. I’ve never been very athletic, but I’ve pushed myself to get into it and I thnk I’m making some reasonable process. I’m currently training primarily on a road, track route that covers about 3.2 miles which covers some steep inclines. I’m covering this usually at about 34 minutes (pacing myself for the inclines) in order to build up my legs, although I’m pushing myself in these next few weeks. The track is marked out below:

I’ve also recently found a course that I’ve plotted for timed work, a mix of field and track-way which is just over 1.5 miles, which I’ve also managed to plot out on a map:

I’m currently doing the 3.2 mile course on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sundays, with the 1.5 mile course being done each Tuesday and Sunday.

As well as running I’m currently working on my pressups and situps in order to meet the BFPA standards (from the word file on the main Army website). Again I’ve never been very athletic, but I’m pushing myself to get myself to the right standard.

I’m currently doing 4 sets of 15 pressups with a rest period of 15, which is being dropped by 5 seconds each week in order to prepare myself. I am doing 20 situps over 3 sets with a 15 second rest period, with a drop to 10 seconds and a push to 4 sets as of late next week.

Am I on track? Is there any advice anyone can give on what I can do to improve?
Hello and welcome Worldsedge, I've just done my BCB Briefing and the only physical stuff we had to do was the VO2 Max (bleep test) to level 10.2, which is equivalent to running 1.5 miles in 10 mins 30 seconds and the assault course which doesn't exactly last long!

I hope this helps
For press-ups and sit-ups try not to add sets, but add reps to each set instead. understand that?
(I increased reps in each set, and now do sets of 30)
try to add 5 reps to each set every week if possible.

Check past threads on running i think it has been mentioned not to do too much running you may need to check!

He's right as well. Mind your knees indeed. Get the bets trainers you can, inserts, the works. Try not to run on roads if you can help it. Dirt tracks or running tracks are better for them.
Just ask at wherever you buy your trainers from for running shoes, and explain that your trying to avoid overuse injuries like shin splints. JB Sports also do some proper nice cushioned insoles that can be cut to the size of your shoes. Major shock absorbant and i would highly recommend them.
good luck fella
Being all clever 'n forward thinking I bought some £85 Asics Doumax Gel filled cushioned running jobbies, which seem to be doing far better then the plastic Nike things I bought 6 months back. Would it be worth buying insoles on top of those?
depends how big the insoles are, you dont want to get to the point where you feel like your running in lady platform shoes.
I like sorbothane insoles. Damned fine job!
Sound advice from Brad. Ever see ya Missus running on a saturday night? Ever hear her whining about her feet and calves on a sunday morning?

I'm no expert, just do my fair share of running and recently had a bad knee experience. I found it wasn't so much my trainers (£25 adidas things) but the surface I ran on, and it's gradient. If you can, avoid road running for the most part, there's no escaping it most of the time but try and limit it. It's nicer going xcountry or through a park anyways!

Edited cos i'm a mong
As for the press ups, what you need is endurance, sets are just beach exercises. My tip, do as many press ups as you can until you fail. By fail i mean you can't lift yourself off the floor afterwards, rest two days then try to beat your previous score by one.Keep doing this sequence till you are King of the press ups!! It will soon improve and by the end its all mental just squeezing out the last one makes a hell of a difference. Good luck
Having done my brief just over a week ago, the main part of fizz , as mentioned above is the msft to level 8.1 for girls and 10.2 for blokes.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO PRESS UPS OR SIT UPS AT THE BRIEF. The main test for uper body strength is the 8ft wall, and that is more down to technique than out and out brute force.

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