From so-so fitness to CFT by year end?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. Time to pre-emp the seasonal blip on the guts and I want to get a fair bit fitter by year end. I cannot have time off during the day for phizz so any suggestions for a training programme to get to 8mile, 25kg CFT by end dec?

    Incoming and tw@t comments expected...
  2. Yeah get yourself on ops!!!!! :wink:
  3. Imcoming Expected? And rightly so, sh1te admin BB.

    Get out in boots NOW, and do it 2/3 times a week.

    After a couple of weeks introduce weight and build it up to your required 25Kgs.

    Get off of here and get out, only way you are going to manage.
  4. Are you saying that you can't do the CFT now?
  5. The 8 mile CFT is for troops about to deploy.

    I want to get to that stage fairly quickly as I am not at that level of fitness right now.
  6. The CFT is so-so fitness.
  7. No. You said you wanted to do 8k and that, unless I'm very much mistaken is exactly 4.970969537896 Miles. Good luck though

  8. So you can't complete an 8 mile CFT and you're involved in Recruit Training? Doesn't seem right to me.
  9. Prae,
    Why don't you fuck off and leave him alone. He is an enabler. He enables other people to do the CFT while he drives the Jack Wagon :wink:
  10. Doesnt that mean he enables people to jack?
  11. Fine, although the recruits don't need to do the 8 mile CFT, and neither do TA soldiers unless they are about to deploy on Ops.

    In fact, TA soldiers are not allowed to leap straight into the 8-miler unless there is a beat-up period beforehand.

    So your comment has nil input apart from making yourself feel big, clever etc. behind your keyboard.

    I want to improve my fitness, so fuck off unless you have anything constructive to add.
  12. Good point. Ummm nope I got nothing

  13. You expected it and still bit BB!

    Okay 5 and a bit weeks, I would look at this:

    3 sessions a week:
    Week 1
    Session 1 - 15 kg - 4 miles in 1 hour.
    Session 2 - 15 kg - 4 miles in 1 hour.
    Session 3 - 15 kg - 4 miles in 1 hour

    Week 2
    Session 1 - 20 kg - 4 miles in 1 hour.
    Session 2 - 20 kg - 4 miles in 1 hour.
    Session 3 - 20 kg - 4 miles in 1 hour

    Week 3
    Session 1 - 20 kg - 4 miles in 1.30
    Session 2 - 20 kg - 6 miles in 1.30
    Session 3 - 20 kg - 6 miles in 1.30

    Week 4
    Session 1 - 20 kg - 6 miles in 1.30
    Session 2 - 20 kg - 8 miles in 2 hours
    Session 3 - 20 kg - 8 miles in 2 hours

    To be honest if you can do it with 20kg, not a lot of point in lumping another 5 kg on your shoulders, bearing in mind 4kg of the weight will be your gat, obviously remember to warm up and warm down before and after, plenty of foot admin and fluids, good luck, any probs give me a shout.

  14. What do you class as foot admin?

    Signing up atm and not driving so walk around 13miles a day at least, have to admit to a few foot pains, any obvious/basic recuperative principles to follow?
  15. People bleat about the Regs accepting the TA, and then come out with "TA don't do this, TA don't do that" as excuses for having bad fitness. If we want to be accepted by the regs, we need to be able to do the same job BEFORE we go on Ops, not rock up at Chilwell lacking.

    Fair one for trying to improve it, but its hardly a good example for recruits if you can't manage an extra 2 miles/ extra 30 mins of exercise.