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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by stvwardy, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. for numerous reasons ive just told my manager where exactly to go, after months of annoying and petty incidents.

    anyway, ive recently been doing a lot of training, running and cycling {cycling mainly.}

    ive got a interview on the 22nd August, and i was wondering what the timescales are for

    interview > Selection > Basic.

    i'd be joining the Royal Artillery if that helps.

    also if anyone knows any good techniques for Helping to increase heaves, as im pretty crap at them, most appreciated.

    many thanks !!! :D
  2. Depends what you're going into, RA shouldn't be long a wait I wouldn't have thought, but then it depends what part of RA?

    I went to ACIO in Feb 07, and don't start ATR until Jan 08.
  3. After the 2nd interview, you should be able to get to ADSC very quickly. IIRC, they do ADSC almost every week.
  4. excellent, my recruiting sgt seems to think theyre's "something about me"

    and if my first interview goes well, he'll do the second interview later in the day {dont know if thats the norm}

    ive got 2.5 months worth of cash left, so i hope ive at least done selewction by then.
  5. get a temp job mate, i made that mistake, had 2 months of being unemployed but theres a fair bit of kit to buy for basic. oh and i had both of my interviews on the same day too
  6. There must be something about you, if you do both interviews in one day surely !! I think most people go on selection around 3 to 4 weeks after their second interview.
    I've nearly waited a year similar to crescent, cant wait to go.
    All the best anyway and good luck.
  7. cheers for the responses guys, put my mind at rest.

    ive got alot of spare cash anyway, my outgoings are minimal,

    except for perhaps the strip club were going to, to celebrate leaving the hellhole that is


  8. Going to selection two weeks after 2nd interview. Can't comment on selection - Phase One time.
  9. thanks Morty!!!
  10. What are you going into leguy?

    The reason I've got such a long wait is 'cos it's a specialist job I'm going to do (RMP), I reckon with RA you'd be in by Nov easy.
  11. Further to my last post, i'm also going for RA. If the lads here are correct and if my case is anything to go by (not to mention your recruiter thinks 'there's something about you'...) you could be on recruit selection very soon. Best person to ask is The_Iron as he has up until recently worked in ART. Good luck!
  12. To improve heaves just do bicep work, bicep curls are good, use about 10-15kg on each arm at first then move up in weights. Remember to eat alot of meat and eggs
  13. Curls are one of the worse exercises ever thought up in my opinion. Yes, they can be good, but you can blast at them more with weighted chin ups (get a bar, get a belt, stick a large weight on the end of that belt, pull up with your fingers facing towards you, shoulder width apart).
  14. My old boss, Snr Recruiter would sometimes do the Snr Recruiters interview straight after on my say so if the applicant was 100% on my interview. That means extremely confident and interviewed well, knew Job briefs inside out, why they wanted the job and what it entailed. Also there were no problem areas regarding family life, School if junior Entry and work. Also that I didnt think there was a problem with fitness side which would normally help if you had done a Pre-selection course.
    If all these was ok I would of spoke to the boss (especially if you had a long way to travel and have problems with time off work.
    By the end of the day its up to the Recruiter and Snr Recruiter.
    A litle concern the Recruiter might have would be why you have left work and what the incidents were about as this will be a main point of your interview so be ready to give the reasons etc. This is a good point to lots of you lads/lasses wanting to joinis the commitment side and doing any kind of job is better than being unemployed as it shows your willing to graft. Just think of what your going to say and dont try and be big and say I told him to fcuk off it was a sh*t job as the Snr recruiter/PSO might think that your a risk with authority.

    Time scales normally about a week between interviews unless both on same day, approx a fortnight to ADSC, then RA just like infantry and RAC have courses all the time so you could go pretty quick. One of my applicants started four days later (enlistment rapido) but on average 4-8 weeks.

    Regarding pull ups, I spoke to PTI's when getting my son through selection and the was told plenty of light weight reps, but the only way to improve is to practice doing pull ups.
    good luck
  15. cheers "The Iron" bang on= the noggin with what i needed to know

    as it happened i didnt tell my manager to f*ck off, though i did want to..

    numerous petty things and many of my friends leaving {en masse} made me make my decision, ive no probs with a good days graft or anything like that,

    i figured, im 20, good qualifications, and working in tesco

    i'd like to travel the world, get fit, earn some cash doing it

    and figured the army was the best way of doing it, and getting some new friends on the way

    now thats a motivation!!!