From Pirbright to Bassingbourne?????

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ruta, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Was lookin for some help here!

    Joinging the R.E.M.E n was ment to do me basic training at Pirbright, Now it has been changed to Bassingbourne!

    Has any1 been changed aswell or know anything more about this???
  2. Same here, going for REME and thought pirbright.

    When lichfield closed they seem to have moved everything round to suit.
  3. My mate had the same done to him, he's joining the RLC, thing is they didnt give him much notice, it was only 1 week before his start date that they had told him he's off to bass' instead, so had to quickly rush to change his travel warrants and stuff.

    I was at bassingbourn its a great camp and some great staff, to be honest id prefer to go there instead of pirbright due to there being alot less recruits, nothing worse than lining up at the NAFFI at night and having 5 different platoons waiting when you need to get something quickly!

    Anyway good luck to you mate,

    FYI i was in Korea Platoon, Templer COY Jan 2007, if you get put into templer (black slide) consider yourself to be in the best ;) we won the drill comps and CO comps about 4 years consecutively in a row.
  4. I talk to an instructor who was based at lichfield, he said that pirbright is the main all-corps ATR, and they are now using bassingbourn as an overflow camp.
  5. All I know is that the fanny is at Pirbright. If dry-bumming's your bag don't worry.
  6. Ai cheers lads!

    Was worrying there but its all sorted!
    Parently they puttin recruits there cause they are trying to change the regiments to different places, my recruiting officer said dat but theres alot of different things being handed out!

    And hopefully the women do get changed over to bassingbourne aswell or it'll all be wanking in the bogs!
  7. Its a good camp Bassingbourn, the staff here are pretty awesome, if your put into Tobruk Platoon you will be with the best staff on camp too.
  8. Tobruk???

    Are recruits split into different sections??
  9. All REME standard entry recruits go to Bassingbourn now (previously Pirbright but there has been a recent reorg of trg establishments). All girls (whatever their capbadge) go to Pirbright. Bassingbourn is a far nicer place to do your trg !
  10. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    They are called either troops or platoons, depending on your capbadge. Obviously there are different 'sections' It would be rather difficult having just one platoon of 240 people.

    And for whomsoever said Bassingbourn is where the fanny is; I suspect the gym queens may well love you!

    No female trainees here now.
  11. *Sigh*Make the most out of the polish birds in the mess when you get here, after week 5 you get to the point when 'von bacon, von sausage' begins to sound in your own head as 'me love you looong time...'. One week till i pass out, wonder if they'll give a pic to remember them by, not likely! :D
  12. i went to bassingbourne and loved it and there was birds there when i went from the medical corps but that was back in 2002 so unlucky no birds for you :D
  13. yep Reme and engineers are all at bassingbourn now im currently there on week 10 itsa good place :D
  14. You'll be wankin in the bogs anyway mate, if you get caught within arms reach of a female youll get busted for fraternization and probably sent to the guardroom on AGAI for a week (been there, done that, not nice at all...) haha

    Still though, didnt stop some recruit from my platoon (korea platoon) shaggin the naffi bird behind the workshops after midnight (this was at bassingbourn)... 8O