From paperwork to getting in?


Ive just started a new job but want to apply for the TA. Im on a 3 month probabtion and so dont really want to inform employer that im joining TA untill after that time.

I visited local battalion last night and got my forms. From filling them and assuming i get in how long is this process?

Should i wait untill my probabtion is nearly up? I work for a really good national organisation but i dont want to take any chances witht he possibility that they dont take me on becuase of TA. I know this is unlikely but like i said i dont want to take chances.

Thanks a lot.
Then let the unit know and sit on your paperwork until your probation period is over.

Best find out what the score is with your employer first. If you join the TA without their permission you may be in breach of contract and could be sacked.
I would imagine they would be over the moon you've just started and are already showing initiative by keeping relevant info from there.

Apparently military training is an asset for any company, why not find out what they're policy is before being surreptitious.
I'm in the induction process myself at the moment. It might be worth seeing what you can get done with your recruiter before you sign on the line. Medical and risk reduction run spring to mind.

Discuss the issue with your recruiter, they'll understand.
Dont hide it from them. Remember your job pays the mortgage/rent/CSA etc not the TA. Get your 3 month probation out of the way then sound them out about TA membership, remember honesty is best policy and should get you brownie points but be prepared for dissapointment in case thay dont like it. Not all employers are supportive. Good Luck.

I'm currently in the process of joining the TA and I'm in my probation period. I was promoted but now have a 6 month probation period to see how I do.

I would recommend taking your line manager to one side, thats what I did and they said go for it. Most organisation like the members of the TA, as they think it shows they're commited to a cause and see it through.... TA definatly comitted, my job....... well it pays the bills.

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