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the very reason to wear workshop PPE, I always wear a mask, goggles ear defenders and a baseball cap, Ears, eyes, nose and hair. this cutting disc shatters and the missing piece struck my mask and bounced off into a corner of the workshop. The cut was in a tight space and put uneven pressure on the disc.
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Very sensible.
I often use a Dremel cutting disk for my models. I wear eye protection whenever I use it for that reason.
first weld, take regular breaks to cool down and ease up, and it's good for the weld area to.
first weld.png


Very sensible.
I often use a Dremel cutting disk for my models. I wear eye protection whenever I use it for that reason.
I bought one of these a while ago. Quite a useful gadget.

removed the front suspension, unbolting it from the frame head, just four m10 bolts hold it on. That can wait to be stripped down after the frame head is welded up.
the end plate of the frame head. After a clean off with a wire wheel we'll see what we have.
frame head head end plate pre clean.png

the bottom edge looks rough, but the rest is good.
frame head head end plate post clean b.png
the frame head box can be cleaned off a lot easier when you have it exposed like this.
frsme head exposed front pre clean up.png

after a good wire wheeling it exposes clean strong steel
frame head after cleaning up with wire brush b.png
spent the morning finishing welded in the frame head to the base and napoleon hat.
welded up.png

rust treated, panel wiped and painted black, now to strip down the front suspension unit.
frame head painted black.png
starting with the Hubs, lock nut, roller bearing and it's lockwasher, the brake backing plate complete with shoes and springs.
back plate in box.png

all comes off in order though the bearings do tend to jump out unexpectedly as you tap off the brake drums. Easily damaged.
needle bearing.png
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today was spent removing some of the longer steering linkages, shock- absorbers and steering damper. The 4 steering ball joints need renewal, they come in a set.
some ball joints sticky.png

the shocks look like they'll clean up ok,, but the tops are a bit rugged, they do a parts kit for that. I'm looking at them wondering how they refill?
shock absorbers removed.png
the steering damper cleaned up ok too. The more I can re use, the less I have to shell out for.
steering damper.png

the anti roll bar is ok, they do a refurb kit for the clips and rubber bushes.
steering linkages d.png

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