From Northern Ireland - No Guns, No Knives.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by IrishGuard, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. THURSDAY 29/12/2005

    Soldier fined £600 at Belfast court.

    A Scottish soldier was compared to Rambo in a Belfast court today after he admitted buying himself extra weapons.

    Private Garry McGeachie, 21, from Stranraer in Scotland, had a veritable arsenal as he headed home on leave, said Magistrate Desmond Perry.

    "What we have here is some sort of Rambo-type person," added Mr Perry.

    McGeachie, of the 1st. Batt., King`s Own Scottish Borderers, stationed at Lisanelly Barracks, Omagh, Co Tyrone, pleaded guilty to unlawfully possessing a Walther CP60 gas-operated pistol and two offensive weapons - an extendable baton and a Kubaton with a concealed stiletto blade.

    The weapons were discovered when McGeachie`s baggage was going through an x-ray machine at Belfast docks as he was boarding the Stranraer ferry.

    A prosecuting lawyer told Belfast Magistrates Court: "He was asked if he was carrying any weapons and he said they were only a toy."

    Police were called and McGeachie told them he bought the weapons along with a CO2 gas cannister and handcuffs in an army surplus store for £120.

    Defence solicitor Paul Colhoun said: "He clearly enjoys what he does for a profession and it is somewhat similar to a surgeon carrying his operating

    Mr Colhoun added: "There is a long tradition of soldiers feeling they are not effectively equipped by Her Majesty`s government.

    "Perhaps he has taken it a bit further by acquiring some items which are prohibited in Northern Ireland.

    "He has met the charges with a considerable degree of embarrassment."

    Mr Colhoun handed up references from senior officers and said: "These testimonials put the matter in a better context."

    The prosecuting lawyer said the charges carried a maximum penalty of one year in jail or a fine of £1,000.

    Mr Perry told McGeachie: "You are a young man who is clearly highly thought of in the army. But you should have known that you cannot carry this type of weaponry around with you and I am making a order for their destruction."

    He said a prison sentence might result in McGeachie being dismissed from the army and instead fined him £600.

    Source: UTV News.
  2. Walt. Down ur neck... Although he doesnt deserve the boot
  3. I think that the penalty was fair and just.

    He is after all only 21 and who knows, maybe 20 years from now as the RSM, he will look back on this and remember what a silly young idiot he was.
  4. while the armed knife stabby terrorists only gets a slap on the wrist ?
  5. Very commendable.

    It's thanks to such enlightened legislation, vigorously enforced, that there are no armed hoodlums, no shootings, stabbings, or bombings in Northern Ireland.
  6. Yeah but honestly. What does he need them for??? If he used any of them he'd be in the sh1t. The baton he'd get away with "Maybe".

    Also tell me when a dodgy flick knife or a pellet pistol would come in handy???
  7. what?????????????????????????????
  8. Not to be taken literally, Ma'am. I detest such statutes and I find them particularly ludicrous when applied against a man trained to bear arms in the service of the nation.
  9. BO**CKS!!
  10. To the point that I was refused travel clearance to visit my girlfriend at New Year. :twisted:
  11. It may well be 'well put' if you are an American but put it into context. A man trained to bear arms has no need for Walther CP60 gas-operated pistol, an extendable baton and a Kubaton with a concealed stiletto blade outside his service to the nation. When he is serving his nation, he has the equipment he is trained to use to carry out that job. The kit he was caught with isnt exactly on the 'patrol kit list' and was no doubt to be used in an illegal manner. Maybe thats why so many Americans feel the need to bear arms because everyone else might?

    Americans, why would he need a Kubaton with a blade in the handle?
  12. Seems like a pretty reasonoble judgement to me. What on earth does he need such kit for? Even a police officer can technically find himself on the wrong side of the law, if carrying the baton off duty
  13. So he had an Airpistol a penknife and a big stick in his luggage on his way home ?? Paranoia. Exactly what law was broken here ?

    Had he been carrying a set of Kitchen knives would that be illegal ? I swear this nation is full of self righteous twats. What we should really ban is Cars and any body incapable of driving them safely. What kills and injures more people on an annual basis ? Pointy sticks and air pistols or cars ??
  14. I have no great 'need' for a 340hp 4x4 convertible either, but I have one...

    That said, even the US Army gets miffed if you bring extra weapons or ammo along. Means that they can't be sure you're using 'legal' equipment. (i.e. won't get you or the Army in trouble for war crimes).

    Still, other than the weapons, it's not unusual to buy your own kit, so why should weapons be any different?

  15. Because, as you said, war crimes.

    Imagine the red faces in Washington if your guys were found to be using hollowpoints in Iraq.

    But if he want to carry it home, well that should be up to him.