from murdering terrorist to peace envoy, fcking amazin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by auxie, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. Is it April 1st???

    Gotta take your hat off to them - Its a very funny joke!!! :roll:
  2. Dont you mean,
    "From Freedom Fighter to Peace Envoy,"
    Proddy lad!!!
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Sure he's not gone over there with a bag of Semtex, or Insurgency Training Manuals like they did in Columbia?
  4. im just hoping that he gets jihaded... fingers crossed
  5. imagine that twat in a orange jumpsuit about to be beheaded ,priceless
  6. Do 'foreign' security contractors still have immunity from prosecution in Iraq? Just a thought.
  7. If that cnut gets IED'd then I might start believing in the FSM.
  8. If he´s made the change from terrorist scum to "respectable" politician, maybe he can talk to the Eastern style terrorists in a language they can understand.... througan interperter obviously.
  9. Hope he gets topped.

    A crate of beer to the right minded individual that does it.
  10. What next - the flaming Nobel Peace Prize for this **** void!

    Right on Squiffy - but if someone is going to top him - please, please make it sooooooo slow and extremely painful and hideous.
  11. And the murdering ex "Freedom Fighters" he will probably have looking after him!
  12. I wouldn't bet against it, in this crazy world! They gave one to Arafat and Mandela, so why not the Bogside's very own serial killer? "Dropping a pebble in a pool", eh? Here's hoping somebody drops some lead into his swede, just like he and his friends did to so many others. F*cking hypocritical, murdering swine. :x
  13. Notice though that all these celebs and ignorant morons worship him and kiss his A**e without actually knowing what he did.

    In a speech of his he actually admitted what he was charged with and advocated terrorism thrfore he should never have been let out.

  14. Now that my friends would be the icing on the cake.