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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by CptCurrie, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know the inns and outs of moving from a MQ to own home on posting and not using a MQ at the place of posting at all? Will the Army move/fund this? In my instance it is practically impossible to move to a MQ this time, hence the house buy. Have tried welfare routes, but will not be able to extend currrent MQ lease.

  2. There are rules which allow the hiring of private accomodation at Crown expense, if service MQs are not available. You should take this up with the welfare and RAO. He/She should be able to advise you, if you aren't happy with the response ask to read the book yourself. Don't forget LSAoP if you qualify. If they can't (won't) advise then contact SSAFA or a similar organisation (although personnally I believe this would be a CoC issue, duty of care, morale, etc). If moving more than 50 miles you can claim for the normal package whether going into a quarter or your own property. If the distance is less you may still be able to claim but if you claim there are restrictions on home to duty travel. On moving to your own home on posting (from a MQ) you are not entitled to any legal expenses that you could claim if moving from your own property to another private home at your new place of duty.

    Best bet is always to go to the horses mouth (the RAO) for the definitive rules. If possible get it in writing.

  3. Thanks for reply, but I think I was unclear. Basically, there are MQ's at the posting, but due to the short time of posting left (18 months) and family circumstances it is not a practical solution to move there, hence staying put in the previous posting area. Retention on my current quarters is however not available beyond a few more months, hence the house buy. It feels unreasonable to have to fund a move to our own house when we are saving the Army the use of a MQ and the expenses to move there (130 miles further than the house we propose buying). We may in any case have to move on to a MQ on he next posting.
  4. If i remember the army will pay for the move with in the period of six months before the posting and six months after.