From MOD Oracle - Red Cap lass is Lance CORporal


Seen this ! Those pesky camera phones...

A WOMAN Red Cap has been torn off a strip after a photo of her NAKED was emailed around the Army.

Hundreds of squaddies have ogled the snap of L/Cpl Emma Williams in just her knickers and a Royal Military Police peaked cap.

L/Cpl Williams, in her 20s, posed in her barracks for her lover after a boozy regimental dinner, military sources said.

Someone innocently emailed the photo to a pal — but within hours it had reached troops in IRAQ.

It also landed in her Commanding Officer’s inbox, earning her “an interview without coffee” and a strong ticking off.

Top brass were furious with the breach of code of behaviour.

L/Cpl Williams, of 174 Provost Company in Donnington, Shrops, is preparing for a six-month tour of Afghanistan in April.,,2-2007090259,00.html
frankly I can't see the fuss. This JNCO was obviously getting dressed and had merely chosen two items to put on first, her hat and knicks...then someone accidentally photographed the filthy young jezebel and sent it all around the world.

She probably needs a bit of PT before her next CFT I suggest but otherwise pleasing on the eye.
I did my bit with sending it around.

Good old camera phones.
Praetorian said:
I did my bit with sending it around.

Good old camera phones.

So had she got any knickers on and was the title of the "shaved monkey" thread correct?

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