From Luke Davy

It seems that many things gave been said about me. Mainly bad but I guess all deserved. (Apart from comments by username pbrowning, my ex-girlfriends father)

In the past few months Sky Television have cost me a lot. My Sky business, my Sky ASA, my Sky customers and also a shed load of money.

In addition to this on a personal note I lost my girlfriend who is pregnant and she wants to stop me from the seeing the baby when its born. Not even putting my name on the birth certificate and I have a certain persons father owning me money and does not want to pay it back.

Also the VAT and Taxman had there share at trying to destroy me.

But at the end of the day I am still here, nearly broke but still here.

I am not in a position to get Sky Cards easy but I can give you some advice on how to get them.

So here it is.

Option 1.

You can contact Sky Customer Services on 08702 404040 and ask them for a Sky Card only. When they mention about a system say that you already have one and you just want a card. When it comes to the telephone number say that you ex-directory and you are not connecting the box to phoneline. They will ask you for some personal details and then the payment details. In addition to this they will ask for the first months payment in advance. This money will not be used until you card is active.

Option 2.

You can contact us and we can do the work for you. We would charge £50 for this.

I will leave it up to you and wish you all the sucess in getting your Sky up and running.

Our contact details are below if you have any questions or wish to resolve any outstanding matters.

Thanks for reading and may I be first wo wish everyone a happy christmas and a happy new year.


Luke Davy

Hopefully the Mods will keep this info as I am sure as its for the help of those in need of getting Sky or resolving outstanding issues.

Luke Davy Trading Limited
Old Barn House
Sidmouth Road
Clyst St Mary
Devon EX5 1DR

Tel: 01395 239212
Fax: 01395 239213

Or you can PM me.

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