From Luke Davy Trading Limited - Re: Sky Television

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by lukedavy, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. To all those who have Sky from our company.

    We have been having major problems with Sky Television. Sky Television have decided that they do not want the customers outside the UK anymore so they have caused many problems which have resulted in customers being switched off and customers being charged for a service not provided. I wish to point out that it is Sky Television that has taken the money from your account and not us. We have tried many times to get this money back and they are refusing to pay this back. It has now resulted in my company having to take Sky Television to court for things that they said about me personally and also I will be taking them to court over money that they owe me.

    I am sorry for the behaviour from Sky but it seems that I am powerless to stop this.

    If you have any questions please call me 01395 239 212 or fax 01395 239213 or e-mail

    Kind Regards

    Luke Davy
  2. Sky TV have never been allowed to have customers outside of the UK - their licence does not allow reception outside the UK - this is made quite clear on their website and this has always been the case.

    Any other companies that are supplying cards for Sky TV reception knowing that such reception will be taken outside the UK are acting in a way which is inconsistent with both Sky TV customer service policy and the telecommunications legislation.

    I think perhaps you should point this out to any disgruntled customers - and perhaps also explain to them why you did not make their positiion clear when they started their contract with you.
  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I know guys who have sky cards registered in the uk and us them in the Eu. Whilst this is a breech of Sky usage and cannot of course be condoned it seems to wok perfectly well.
  4. Yep - I too know of at least one person who does this...... and as you say it is qute wrong.
  5. Yes, it is so terribly wrong. Why?

    If you pay for it whats the problem?

    I had it whilst in Germany, unfortunately cant get it where I am at the moment.
  6. I had (oooops) know people whohad sky in Germany for years through my (ooops there) parents houses.

    H_T_B I take it the devil wont let you have it down below then. :wink:
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Because you registe the account to a UK address, and there is apparently something in the small print in the contact about usage etc.
  8. No mate, have to go to pub to watch the footie. Barsteward :wink:
  9. Biscuits, when I moved to BFG in 03, none of my BBC channels worked. Turned out they had changed the frequency, Phoned Sky, explained the problem and they sent a booster signal out which sorted the problem.

    Even sent my Sky mag to BFPO address.
  10. If they have taken you money via direct debit and are not giving you the service, ask the bank to refund and they'll do it within a couple of days, they will get the dough back from Sky themselves.

    Its called an indemnity claim.
  11. Sorry for going off topic on this but I have a question,

    I have sky plumbed into my house, into a single standard box. I've since aquired a second box with a card.

    The question is, does anyone know how to connect the second box?
  12. I believe you need a double LNB off your sky dish, I have Sky + and multi room. Not an expert on the subject though.
  13. Yes IRON, thats all you need.

    Get them at any electrical shop.
  14. I guessed as much, pity the bloody dish is 70 ft up on my chimney!

    I was wondering if there was a way to intoduce a splitter connection to the existing cable?
  15. You did need a multi point LNB, If you have Sky + you should have 4 points on the Sky dish. 2 of these will be required for the operation of Sky + leaving two spare.

    Sky do a multi room package costs an extra £10 per month I think, they can fit the required LNB for you if needs be.

    Hope this helps