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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Aug 23, 2005.

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  1. Reuters report this morning on King George's lastest speech to Veterens of Foriegn wars
    "Bush: US must finish job in Iraq to honor the fallen."
    So we have moved on once more fom WMD to restoring Democracy to HONOR.
    Er sumfing about last refuge of
  2. So the reason for the war is, in fact, the war?

    HHHmmmmm. I might try that with the landlord at chucking out time: 'I must carry on drinking because I am drunk. It would dishonour the 8 pints, 6 whiskies and 3 bags of pork scratchings I have already had, were I not to carry on and have a lot more. George W says so. Get your hands off me you peasant!'

    I'll tell you if he thinks any more of me than I do of W.
  3. So the reason to continue to take casualties, is the casualties already taken.

    When politicians speak of honour, something inside me dry-heaves.

    Isn't that the word Hoon used, before he sent BW and QDG North (while still denying a decision had been made?)
  4. Does it matter?

    It was never that that WMD might have existed that was the issue. It was the fact that they were, almost certainly, in the hands of a nasty, b@stard, murdering dictator. After all, lots of countries have WMD, us included. It's not the weapon, it's who's holding the weapon that counts (just ask Arrse about firearms).

    Restoring democracy? Sounds good to me. Do you object to that one John?

    'Honor', or rather 'Honour', is also a fair point. Pulling out too early purely because of the wet lettuce brigade would be an unforgiveable betrayal of the blokes that have been killed.

    Or do you see things differently?
  5. I agree with PTP about the dry heaves. After a pub triathalon* I do wet heaves.

    *gallon of beer, 8 Scotch chasers, bottle of red.
  6. Awol, yeah but, right, staying on just because of the dead guys would be a betrayal of the next poor bastrad who gets killed. There's got to be a bett er reason than that, even if that prize fool W can't say it properly.

    And when you're wrong you're wrong. Best just take it on the chin and admit it.
  7. Only if you're wrong. Which way would the Iraqis vote?
  8. Can't get into this in too much detail now, I'm in court in 8 hours. I just think we were wrong to go to Iraq for the reasons we were given. Not to say we shouldn't have gone at all, not to say we shouldn't stay, not to say the lads and lasses did anything but a sterling job. I'd just like a bit of honesty about the whole thing.

    And while I'm dreaming, can Girls Aloud drop by with my new Jag and the lager scented baby oil they've been aching to try out.
  9. Does john object to restoreing democracy ?
    But please tell me when there was ever Democracy in Iraq, not in the time since Britian made the modern state from three old provinces of the old Turkish Empire.
    I do worry about what we are making for the future, I do. Will your granchildren be dieing for Tone and King George's decisisions when we are dead and buried ?
    I do worry about Yankee democracy look at the Philepeanes (spelling) 80% + of the land/ business owned by 5. five familes, very democratic.
    And you really belive it's about Honour, cum on.
  10. If Dubya believed in honor maybe he'd have honored his pledge to serve in the Air National Guard. After all the time & cost to get him so far he just gave up.
  11. 1864 dead. Lot of Honour there for Georgei boy who never stuck his neck out when he had the chance.
    memory say Dick C. never place his neck in harms (uniform) way.
  12. I think Jonwilly makes a very valid set of points. GW can bang on about honour all he likes but he still bottled it when he had the chance. That makes him a cnut.
  13. Citizen Dick got no less than three draft deferments (college after dropping out of Yale-twice- and then he got married) during the 1960s, but favorite excuse came from right-wing cheerleader, Rush Limbaugh, who got a medical deferment for an **** cyst.

    W is clutching at straws here. To quote his vanquished opponent, John Kerry, how do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake? It is a much greater disservice to the men and women who serve to ask them to put their lives on line for an ultimately pointless cause.

    The sad fact is, as we can see from the fustercluk that is the Constitutional Convention they're having, Iraq as a cogent political entity has almost no chance surviving as a representative democracy. The Sunnis will continue to kick off because they know they're going to lose out. The Shia in the South will have the oil, the Kurds will have some oil, most of the arable land and the ability to control the water supply to everything to the South, and the Sunnis in the middle will be stuck in the middle with little else to export but sandbags. If fact, the idea that one could overcome over a thousand years of religious, ethnic, racial and political rivalries and hatred in just seven months is just nuts. We've been trying in Europe now for over 50 years and we're still not even close.

    Yes, Saddam is a cnut, but like Tito in Yugoslavia, only a thug could keep order in such circumstances. Has anyone taken a look at a comparative body count of Iraqis between the the period 1991-2003 and 2003 onward? The fact is, as many Iraqis knows, that you can't eat democracy, democracy doesn't put a roof over your head and democracy can't keep you alive in a state of anarchy.
  14. Yes Sunnis, Shias and Kurds we only had Prod and Catlicks to entertain us and thats not finished yet.
    Shia was top dog and has now't but violence to offer. The Shia with their oil will gravitate to Iran and as you say the Kurd has it's own land with the new oil WATER.
    I always remember that young yank trooper being Interogated by Comical Ail, "Did people come out and welcome you ?"
    Georgei boy and his advisers really belived they'd be welcome
    The History channel does a good long prog on how Iraq has allways been the Cockpit of the Mid East, since long before Christ, let alone Mohamed.