From Goose Green to the Green Zone

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by UKForcesAfghanistan, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. Corporal (Cpl) Simeon "Tommo" Tomlinson served in the Parachute Regiment at Goose Green during the Falklands conflict, but is now serving as a RAF paramedic out in Afghanistan.

    Cpl Simeon Tomlinson joined the Parachute Regiment gaining his coveted maroon beret in April 82, then immediately deploying with 2 Para as part of the Falkland Islands Task Force.
    Tommo left the Paras in 1985, married Sue and spent 17 years in computer systems development before deciding on a new challenge. In 2003 he said “there was more to life, I’m one of these people who has to push things and do different things.” He applied through the East Anglian Ambulance trust and trained to become a Paramedic.” However, it was his fellow paramedic Jim Davies who discovered that 4624 Royal Auxiliary Air Force squadron at RAF Lyneham was actively recruiting Paramedics to deploy to the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) role.

    The motivation for joining 4624 Squadron was his experience serving with the Para’s: “The truth is you sit at home and you see the grieving parents. Knowing how my parents felt when I was at the sharp end and now being a parent myself it hit home. The fact is I have a skill set and I genuinely wanted to help motivated me to join and hopefully I could contribute something.” To prepare Tommo for his first deployment to Afghanistan he completed a number of specialist medical courses, carried out helicopter escape drills and attended both the Battlefield Advance Trauma and the Survive Evade Resist Extract courses before completing his Immediate Readiness Training at RAF Honington.

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  2. Not got his wings up, tsk tsk.
  3. This isn't the same "Tommo" who was an EOD in Norn Iron during Banner, is it? If so, he's a top, top man, but completely bonkers.
  4. More than I believe there is only one "Tommo" allowed on this planet at one time............
  5. Unlikely, he only did three years, 82 to 85.

    Cpl Simeon Tomlinson.jpg
  6. You're probably both right, but the "Tommo" I remember is a smashing bloke. He delighted in blowing up students, loved his wife dearly (who also thought he was bonkers, btw) and did a lot of very terrifying work in the worst parts of NI. Hats off to him and I hope he's putting charges under his garden shed somewhere in agreeable and lengthy retirement.
  7. Cheers for that...

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