From Footballers Wives to the Frontline

Just looking through the papers this morning and nearly choked on me cornflakes when i came to an article about Tanya Turner (ak Zoe Lucker) off Footballers Wives who will be starring as Captin Jenna Marston (RA) in ITV1s forthcoming drama....Bombshell.
Is this ITV cashing in on the success of RedCaps? Any one else heard about it, been on camp where its filmed? Whats the general opinion?

Another Army series with a blonde heroine, who single handedly saves the day without even smudging her mascara or putting a crease in her DPMs?

Or... :lol: ... a hard cutting, true to life drama about a strong, determined woman proving herself in this mans army....(forget the fact she is blonde with big norks)
lets hope there is some lesbo action :D :lol:

as far as i am aware, it hasn't been filmed down here in sunny wilts, or least way, no ones told me :cry:
however, the bodatious sophie anderton is just down the road playing with piggies :p
If it's a female gunner officer she's playing then she should be issued with the obligatory fat/wide arse, utter lack of personality, and the storylines should revolve around the fact there every posting she has she bumps into one of the guys she shagged her way through on the YO's course and he gives her a hard time for being a bit of a whining BIFF while continually gobbing off about wanting to be a FOO.

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