From Dublin to Portsmouth...

I'm trying to find out which regiment an ancestor of mine served in. He was in Dublin around 1825, and had moved to Portsmouth by 1833. He married a girl from Cork while he wa in Ireland, and had two sons in Dublin, and then a daughter in Portsmouth, which gives me those dates.

Thanks for the ireland link. I looked at regiments, but didn't find a match in the likely (Lancashire) regiments. I guess I'll have to broaden the search.
There seems to be some midlands Regiments and Scottish around Dublin at that time, think its going to be hard trying to find out which one as they sowopped about quite abit at that time.

Whilst that link is about British Troops in Aussie, it also gives you some units that were in Dublin at that time
Thanks Gentlemen, no matches found yet. Knowing my luck, he probably transferred when he got married, or something clever like that.

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