From Boys to Men - Heroes of Helmand

Here is a you tube clip of the half hour programme about the Royal Anglians to be broadcast on BBC East at 1930 on the 23rd June.

This is the advert for the programme:


The first Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment endured six months of hell in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Nine men were killed and scores more were wounded.

This is the story of those six months and of the heroism of two soldiers among many, one who survived and the other who was wounded and died.

Using dramatic combat footage shot by the men themselves, the film unfolds a heart-stopping saga of courage and sacrifice during an emotionally-charged journey from the battlefield to Buckingham Palace.

I am not sure if it is just BBC East but I am sure it is one to watch.
I had a quick pop over to the BBC Website and yes it says Heroes of Helmand will be shown on BBC1 East, no mention of any other area which is a shame.

Thank you for the post Royal Anglian Mum. I shall be watching.
A very humbling & brutal documentary.
Thank you Vikings,
You have my heartfelt respect & conolences.
Boy,it's dusty tonight.
Just watched it, there's a lot of pollen around my bit of the Fens too...

Well done the Vikings, bloody "nails" when the chips were down and the RPG's incoming.

PS Just looked on I Player, can't see it there yet...
Dust my arrse! The tears were streaming down my face and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Proud to be an old Viking.

Well done and Stabilis
Things usually go on iplayer quite soon - if not should definitely be by tomorrow.

Recorded it, will watch with the OH, I always blub...blubbed my way through Ross Kemp's series.
Good program - a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I was OK until the parents spoke about their sons.

So very proud and so very sad.
I've just watched this on Iplayer
BBC 1 - most recent, available to watch on line for 6 more days. Not available for download.

very real and very sad viewing, sensitively done though, and i hope that it sparks some talk and brings the war back into the public spotlight. and for the families of and the lads and lasses currently fighting, you are in my thoughts.

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