From ADSC to Basic Training

Hello all,

Just a quick one:

How long after you have done the ADSC does it take for you to start your basic training in the AAC?

Also how long after you have sent off your medical forms should you hear about your ADSC?

Thanks for the help..
I start basic in just over a weeks time for the AAC, and I will have waited 6 months between passing ADSC and starting phase 1. I have also spoken to another guy on here that has had the same wait as me.
With regards to your medical docs, I think it depends on so many different things. Have read numerous threads on here saying anything from one week upto six. Mine took about three weeks.
Hope this helps.
Cheers Pukka

Hope you enjoy it. Keep me posted on what its like.
6 months is a long time to wait - but I bet it will so be worth it!

Have fun and thank you so much for your help

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