Frogs whinging again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ord_Sgt, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I see Chirac spat his dummy when told English and not French is now the de-facto world language.

    French President Jacques Chirac showed his temper at the EU summit when a French business leader addressed delegates in English.
    He stormed out of a session when Ernest-Antoine Seilliere said he chose English "because that is the accepted business language of Europe today".
    Mr Chirac told reporters on Friday he was "deeply shocked" that a Frenchman chose to address the summit in English.
    Protectionism has emerged as a hot topic at the Brussels summit.
  2. How can he have thought that any right minded country would want to speak French anyway?
  3. LOL he made Tony Blair act as an interpreter at another event even though he speaks English.

    Mad as a box of frogs that one!
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Upsetting Frenchmen has to be the most enjoyable passtime ever. They think they are so bloody superior but are a bunch of self centred poofs in reality.

    Although overshadowed by 7/7 did you see the frogs faces when it was anounced London had won the Olympics? A sight to behold and a source of joy. :p
  5. I liked this pic which came out at the time (I think it's on here but I can't be arrsed to find it)

  6. Personally that was the sole reason I wanted us to win!! :p was even better when I overheard some french tourists moaning about it a few mins after it was annouced :lol:
  7. And do you know what the very very best bit about it all is?

    The phrase used to mean the language used in business/politics is Lingua Franca... :D
  8. I think the Germans should be most upset by Chirac’s attitude. After all, they’ve spent a lot of time and effort trying to teach the Frogs German:

    Two World Wars, the Franco-Prussian War, the Napoleonic Wars, the War Of Spanish Succession .....
  9. If it hadn't been for us and the septics France would be a German province now anyway :D
  10. Very true,how many 'french' have a german great/grandfathers?
  11. I recently had the misfortune of having to spend two miserable weeks working on a construction project in France, but i must say it completely changed my attitude towards them.

    before i just thought they were cnuts, but i found them to be ignorant rude lazy feckin knob scoffing cnuts.

    Idle tw@ts spent more time drinking brews and having 2 hour lunches, and striking (i sh1t you not) half way through the job, whilst my lads cracked on all hours... how the f uck they get ANYTHING done in that miserable f ucking hole is beyond me.

    about time someone invaded them again and knocked the sh1t out of them.

    did i mention they're all cnuts?
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I got back from a week in Paris last night. The area is crawling with police, prices of food in restaurants have gone through the roof and yout unemployment is at shocking levels.

    The wheels appear to be coming off La Republique tres rapidement.
  13. Strange Chirac is whining again about a de-facto acceptance of what everyone else has already recognised. ENGLISH is the master tongue, even the Krauts accept that.

    I'd suspect it's just for his own publics consumption,more to take their minds off the fact that they have been having virtual non-stop riots in towns across France since before Christmas and strikes are the norm on most public services with little or no warning.
    Their welfare system is in an even worse meltdown than ours and unemployment in certain ethnic groups is as high as 70%.
    Looks like the Glorious Republique is falling apart at the seams.
  14. They probably dont care - the'll just apply for a subsidy for it.
  15. 8 Good Frenchies, 7 at the Arsenal, 1 at the old lady of Turin, and they all speak good English.