Frogs wave the white flag......


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Lets hope our spineless politicians and diplomats draw the right lesson - saying NO once in a while stops Sarkozy and Merkel treating the UK like a doormat...

I wonder how much of a twat Clegg feels now?
Probably won't stop him claiming credit though
Clegg is ******* usless....not even as good as that! he champions dead pan causes, such as our coloured cousins being refused Business loans due to skin colour etc!! he is wetter than a flounder under the sea!
Only because many of the poison dwarfs supporters secretly envy the British position and our distance from the euro. The knee jerk, lets blame our bottomless tin pot currency problem on the one major member state who said it wouldn't work from the start, was convincing noone. It's all smoke and mirrors anyway, euro or pound, the base currency is the dollar on the Bretton Woods sliding scale. That dollar isn't worth shit, but we're tied to it. The current fuss is simply to distract eyes from the empty caverns of Fort Knox.

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