Frogs threaten to de-rail the EU gravy train

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 23, 2011.

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  1. Surely only another example of France acting in its own interests regardless of minor treaties. To be fair when the free movemnet within the EU was proposed the outer boundaries we supposed to be secure which proves that politicians do live in fantasy land.
  2. Do it Froggies, do it! It may encourage our craven and supine politicians to grow some testicles and follow suit - follow suit all the way out of the corrupt and undemocratic European Soviet Union- I doubt it though, too many 'junkets' and expenses to be forfeited by such a brave and sensible move.

    Anyone notice the repellent goggle-eyed Balls has 'had a go' at the European Soviet Union. A very smooth move in my opinion as that will garner some disaffected Tory votes.

    When will our politicians, of all parties, realise that the majority of people of this nation want OUT of Europe?
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  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'm still a believer that we shouldnt be in the EU, we were sold a referendum asking if we wanted to be in a trading partnership and succesive govts since that **** Heath have sold us down the river.
    As for those who say we get as much back as we put in, prove it!
  4. As a "trade agreement" in the beginning the EU/EEC was probably agood idea. However it has grown to big and to intrusive.
    We should have a vote on our participation in the US of E. As for trade it hasn't hurt Switzerland or Norway to be out of it. Also we could get rid of the WTD and DCPC rules, and thus make my job easier and less regulated.

  5. You are talking insurrection. INSURRECTION I say. About time, now lets action it.
  6. You will find that the complaints we make are echoed by Germans, French, Italians well everyone really.

    The EU and I am willing to be corrected came about originally from a steel tariff agreement so countries did not start undercutting each other and has now grown into this monster.

    Europeans are just as wracked off with it as us. I live in south east Europe in a candidate nation. The general consensus is they don't want to be in the EU as their is nothing in it for them as they will be second class EU citizens so whats the point? I have to agree. The EU seems to be more interested in protecting itself and doing it with German treasure. The Erics are not pleased about this at all but are stuck with political guilt of wrecking Europe twice so dont want to be seen as responsible a third time. Most Germans I know could not give a toss and would drop it like a hot rock given the chance.

    just my opinions for what they are worth
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Actually, I think it's a sort of a return to the heartland for Labour who were traditionally staunchly suspicious of the then EEC as a club for big business at the expense of workers' rights. This feeling continued pretty much up till the 1990's and the New Labour make-over.

    A good summary of it by the Telegraph's Peter Oborne recently: Peter Oborne – Telegraph Blogs
  8. Seems obvious to me that the Ities are trying to export their illegal immigrant problem and the French are fighting back. It doesn't affect us, we're not part of the schengen treaty. As for derailing the gravy train, how does it do that? The euro MPs can still collect their wages, expenses etc. It's just a dispute between Italy and the other members over issuing of visas to tunisians.
  9. I am all in favour of suspending it. That way we may not get so many illigals coming into the UK from France. Although Gobbly Wobbly says it doesn't affect us, in a way it does, as illigals have hassle free movement around Europe all the way to Calais, where they then have to start getting sneaky.
  10. Okay, the next shipment of illegals found at Dover will be rounded up and shot, their bodies taken back to Calais and dumped at the Dunes.
    Do that with second load found and I'd put money on there not being a third load.

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  11. Get rid of the EU I say, then we can get back to the good old days of undercutting each other with state subsidies, trade quotas and restricted movement of people and goods.

    Should line us up just nicely to be taken over by the Indians or the Chinese by the end of the century, whoever gets there first.

    That'll show those pesky politicos and their free lunches, damn them.
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  12. Sounds fair
  13. You don't need the EU to have trade agreements.
    Its like all the bollocks that the UK does X amount of trade with the EU do we want to lose it? When there is no question of trade stopping if we pulled out of the EU.
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Micawber, the EEC (as was) was one thing, a collective trade policy amongst nations. The EU has become quite another.