Frogs In Scotland

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. Was on my way to work in Inverness this morning when I came across what I think was a load of French Army vehicles in convoy coming from Dingwall.

    Anyone know what they were doing by any chance?

    Normally I wouldn't ask because of OPSEC - but seeing as they're Frogs - who gives a toss about their OPSEC? LOL
  2. Was it the Legion? I seen some of them heading up the A1 last week.
  3. Never saw any Legion badges on their vehicles Biccies mate but pretty sure they were Frogs.
  4. They were definately FRench. I saw a slack handfull of VABs heading north as I was leaving Jockland. The rest of the convoy was made up of softskins in that typical French camoflage pattern.

    I didn't wave.
  5. Not even with one finger ?
  6. maybe the jocks are gonna try and kick off again :lol: ...the rebellion of '05??..calling in on some favours from their Frenchie cousins???
  7. Muh.... Weren't Cloggies then?

    Lots of Cloggies about, doing Neptune Warrior and related....

    I suppose the Frogs could be at the same.
  8. Yep, only the porridge wogs and the yanks would ever be sad enough to ask the frogs for military help :)

    Bet the outcome will still be the same though, the one ending in "scotland 0"
  9. Yes VERY GOOD Aunty. :lol:

    Sure you don't have a bit of Jock in you - what with being Gwar and all - as opposed to having a Jock hanging out of you of course? :wink:

    Anyway defo not Cloggy Marines seen plenty of them - am thinking they may have been French Marine Infantry.
  10. I saw some of these in the Clackett Lane Services on the M25 a couple of weeks ago; definitely crapauds. Not Legion, wrong capbadges, not wearing blazers and no Standard bearing party.

  11. I have it on good authority that the Frogs are looking to play round 2 in the Battle of Agincourt. Britain one the toss and elected to play at home.
  12. If they were driving backwards they will be frogs.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Binary score perhaps?

    The Auld Alliance - which is technically still in place - links Scotland and France with a wee disturbance in between.
  14. Frankly Auld Yin, if you want to ally yourself with Johnny Crapaud, crack on and you're welcome to them!

    Edited for remedial grammar.
  15. This caught mt attention, and while going browsing looking for info on Anglo-french excersises and training I found a few interesting sources and documents. There are only 20 infantry batalions of 800 men.

    French Army in profile: hollow force to hard core

    "To judge from the assessments of those foreign contingents alongside which the French Army now serves, French troops have been returning highly creditable performances on operations. These they have achieved despite current upheavals and anomalies, and by their own reckoning they should get better yet - provided the circle of politics, economics,commitments and resources can be squared."

    Article discussing the speed and manner of reform of the French army

    "Revealed as too heavy and slow in the 1999 conflict over Kosovo, the US Army currently faces a challenge to its strategic relevance. Among Western militaries, however, it is far from alone in facing this unwelcome news. Most notably the French experienced a similar realization in the aftermath of the Gulf War, where their influence was marginalized by their unwieldy military organization. Consequently their audacious efforts since are filled with insights for the US Army in the potentials and pitfalls of military reform. "

    The french army reorganised from 9 divisions to brigade formations in 1996 -2002. Instead 4 'EMF' Force staff with 2 star generals take command of various units for depolyments. They are not associated with brigades in peacetime.

    14 Brigades are available to those Force Staffs. The Battalions of two sample brigades are listed. The SF forces are organised as a brigade, but the engineers Reconnaissance artillery and communications brigade are admin units. The Reconnaissance brigade is focused on EW.

    The Commandement de la Force Logistique Terrestre (CFLT) ihas two logistic brigades using 5 logistic groups: which are coordination and planning groups, composed of civilian and military specialists. Each group has a specific responsibility, with some overlaps.

    The 14 Brigades are:
    2th Armored Brigade (2e BB) (below)
    7th Armored Brigade (7e BB)
    1st Mechanized Brigade (1er BM) (below)
    3rd Mechanized Brigade (3e BM)
    6th Light Armored Brigade (6e BLB)
    9th Marine Light Armored Brigade (9e BLBM)
    11th Parachute Brigade (11e BP)
    27th Mountain Infanterie Brigade (27e BIM)
    4th Aeromobile Brigade (4e BA)
    Special Forces Brigade

    Reconnaissance Brigade (BRIGRENS)
    Artillerie Brigade (BRIGARTI)
    Engineer Brigade (BRIGENIE)
    Communication Brigade (BTAC)

    The units in two sample brigades:

    2e Brigade Blindée 2nd Armoured Brigade in Orleans

    2e Régiment de Dragons (2e RD) armoured Regiment in Fontevraud with 40 Leclerc and 25 VAB
    6-12e Régiment de Cuirassiers (6e-12e RC) armoured Regiment in Olivet with 80 Leclerc and 51 VAB
    Régiment de Marche du Tchad (RMT) mechanized Marine Infantry Regiment in Noyon equipped with AMX-10P and VAB
    16e Bataillon de Chasseurs (16e BC) mechanized Infantry Battalion in Saarburg (Germany) equipped with AMX-10P
    1er Régiment d'Artillerie de Marine (1er RAMa) self propelled Marine Artillery Regiment in Laon equipped with AMX 30 AuF1
    13e Régiment du Génie (13e RG) Engineer Regiment in Le Valdahon
    2e Compagnie de Commandement et de Transmissions (2e CCT) in Orleans with 22 VAB

    1re Brigade Mécanisée 1st Mechanized Brigade in Chalons en Champagne

    501e-503e Régiment de Chars de Combat (501e-503e RCC ) armoured Regiment in Mourmelon le Grand with 80 Leclerc
    1er Régiment de Tirailleurs (1er RTir) mechanized Infantry Regiment in Epinal equipped with AMX-10P
    1er Régiment d'Infanterie (1er RI) Infantry Regiment in Sarrebourg with 82 VAB
    40e Régiment d'Artillerie (40e RA) self propelled Artillery Regiment in Suippes with 32 AMX 30 AuF1, 4 TRF1 155mm Field Canons, 4 CAESAR wheeled 155mm Canons and 16 120mm Mortars
    3e Régiment du Génie (3e RG) Engineer Regiment in Charleville
    1re Compagnie de Commandement et de Transmissions (1re CCT) in Chalons en Champagne with 20 VAB