Frogs deploy to Haiti

ITV news showed footage of French soldiers deploying to Haiti, an old Frog colony. US troops are also their and the report stated that they have 'orders to fire at will'. So, usual ROE then.

The French are wearing ludicrously enormous berets. Is this an attempt to make themselves conspicuous to their trigger-happy allies? Time will tell.....
might be interesting the Frog unit is one of their Colonial marine Bns French officers/seniors and LEP OR's. One of the french say the speak good creole but are incredibly supersticous and Hati is centre of VooDoo so could be interesting.
Not only Yanks shooting at creole speakers only to have French Marines return fire or from Voodoo dolls of US troops being used.
The Canuks have sent some of their JTF2 Guys there as well.

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