Frodo Goes Ape

See that the studio types are salivating over Peter Jackson's next opus.. After making them gazillions with his Lord of the Rings trilogy, they showered him with cash to do something else.. he decided to re-make King Kong and spent , so it is written , $ 200 million to chruin out an ' extended version' of the venerable Ape movie which, in its orginal form ran a respectable 88 minutes..[ forget the forgettable remake from years past starring Jessica Lange in the Fay Wray role and either one of the Bridges brothers or Quaid brothers don't remember which and frankly, don't care ]

Lil Pete's opus will clock in at 3 hours!!.. trying to figure out what could possibly be added to pad this sucker out to that length.. more 'puter generated dinosaurs al a Juirassic Parc fighting it out with each other and the King hisself?.. more love story with the obligatory nude scenes, some stupid sub-plot about the CIA/Al Quaeda tacked on? More long drawn out scenes of King baby climbing the building and an extended plane vs giant monkey battle at the end?

can't see how much more could be added to the story as it was...without it even being released I get the feeling that this will be Jackson's stumble and it won't make a profit until its well into the home DVD market, if that [ creative accounting notwithstanding ]..

anyone crazed enough to want to sit through 3 hours of a giant digital monkey losing his home, his love and his life - and it stars Jack Black, Adrien Brody and Naomi Watts as the ape's squeeze...

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