Froch Kessler II

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by theylie, May 25, 2013.

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  1. How does everyone see this panning out? Too close to call?
  2. Froch to win on points? ;-)
    Listened to it on 5 Live, wish I'd watched it, sounded excellent. Well done to Froch.
  3. Mate just watched it ******* gleaming/ Called it all the through on Chat, but was talking to myself. Top fight.
  4. Cracking fight.

    Kessler is a proper gent - reminds me of Kostya Tszyu - absolutely tough as nails.

    Froch started strong, mostly behind his jab. Kessler struggled for the first 3 rounds, then started to make inroads. Rounds 4-7 Froch was on the back foot. Last few rounds was a tear up - both guys shipping big shots and staying upright.

    Froch has got huge heart, and a canny jab, but he still fights with his left paw by his side, and relies on his chin. Andre Ward will ruin him..
  5. NaaW, Do you reckon Ward would fancy an away match? In the UK?
  6. The best fight on these shores since Nigel Benn V Gerald McClellan, both Froch and Kessler are fighting men, warriors, gladiators.

    I was never a fan of Froch because of the way we went on about Joe Calzaghe but his last few fights have won me over.