Frimley Shop

I went in a few months ago and the service was friendly enough but a bit lacking on stock. Now the website has stopped taking payments via the internet.

Is this the start of a relaunch or something more sinister?


More sinister I'm afraid. Got this from the ACF website.


1. In spite of the tremendous efforts of Karen Nichols in recent months, the Cadet Kit Shop has been unable to maintain its place in a highly competitive market and the Association’s Trustees have decided that the Shop will cease trading with effect 1 September 2006. This date has been chosen in order that the shop is able to continue to provide support to the counties throughout this year’s annual camp season.

2. The ACFA’s Trustees have not reached this decision lightly and have had the matter under close review for some time. However, the costs now being incurred by ACFA in running the Kit Shop would shortly have begun to impact on ACFA’s support to other cadet activities and it is prudent to close the shop before this happened.

3. The Shop will continue to meet all existing and any new orders from stocks on hand until 1 September although because the website has been suspended, orders should be placed by phone or fax (01276 686468 or 01276 686186). Should an order not be filled for what ever reason, any outstanding prepayment will be returned.

4. The Trustees have always recognised the important role performed by the Cadet Kit Shop in supplying the ACF, and other Service cadet organisations, with good quality, value for money cadet clothing, badges and other accessories. Unfortunately, with falling sales it has not proved possible to continue to do this in-house any longer. A notice has gone out to a number of businesses who are already supplying cadets and the Armed Forces with these items, inviting them to express interest by 14 August in acquiring the Cadet Kit Shop and the role of Approved Supplier to the ACF and CCF. The ACFA will remain a key stakeholder in any new arrangement ensuring that our suppliers maintain the Cadet Kit Shop’s standards when it comes to matters of quality and value for money, in order that non-supplied clothing, badges and accessories of the right pattern are available to adult volunteers and their cadets at reasonable cost.

(Original signed) 26 July 2006

HS12 :D
mudbloodgreenfieldsbeyond said:
to many years of being a rip off
And lousy service!
Harry Paget Flashman said:
mudbloodgreenfieldsbeyond said:
to many years of being a rip off
And lousy service!
Used it a few times recently, somtimes service was not very good but never found it fact for brand new boots it was the cheapest place to get them, (less than £40.00 a pair) all APC and Rank badges far cheaper than Cadet Direct.
Bit of a delayed reply but does anyone know where we get the specialist badges from now the good old Frimley shop has gone?? I need 2 star first aid badges and my incredibly useful CFATO directed me to Frimley!!

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