Frimley ALM Course- Adult Leadership

In line with some of the discussion from a recent thread, and the general agreement, it would seem, of the CoC, that improvement in adult standards is a "good thing", this is the new course.

This is the one from April 2012 without which the SI to SSI or 2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenantpromotion will not occur. It is a pass/fail course. (There are grandfather rights for some who have done some courses at Frimley before).

Certainly many years back when I took on a detachment, it would have been a good start point. for me.

Course Content. ALM will last 6 days (Sunday pm to Friday pm). CFAVs will receive instruction on a broad range of leadership and management subjects in line with the training objectives. These subjects include:

ACF Command Structure
Duties of a Detachment Comd
Problem Solving

ACF Publications
Goal setting
Promote non APC Activities

Administer Detachment Personnel
Interview techniques
Recruit and retain Cadets & CFAVs

Assess & manage risk
Leadership principles
Responsibility guidelines

Communication skills incl Defence Writing
Manage Detachment funds
Security of Detachment premises

Dealing with accidents and incidents
Manage Detachment stores, equipment, publications, infrastructure and host inspections
Train and assess Cadets in the APC Syllabus

Dealing with complaints
Plan and manage ACF activities & training
Values and standards

6. Testing and Reporting. ALM is a pass/fail course. A course report will be produced on each CFAV and certificates awarded.
What about the CCF...................................... Thought so.

I don't know much about CCF training at all.

You are of course correct, this is one for ACF only.

I don't know much about CCF training at all.

You are of course correct, this is one for ACF only.
And here lies a very big problem. The cadet organisation is all inclusive and “cadets are cadets”. I believe these courses would also be relevant to CCFs (if modified). ACF bleat about CCFs being crap but yet the cadet organisation is not willing to offer rounded qualifications for all.

If CCFs were given the same qualification opportunities in senior management then they would lessen many of the issues they have in junior management. Simples really. Surprised an ACF chap had not thought of it.
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