Frimley ACF/ CCF First Aid Trainers Course - Any help please

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Hoolie, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi;

    I'm due to do the CCF/ ACF First Aid Trainers Course at Frimley Park and I must admit a certain amount of defeat! I'm a qualified FA Trainer/ Assessor in my civilian job but unfortunately my tickets don't carry over into the Cadet Force. :?

    I'm sure I'm able to get together the required pre-course evidence with a little help from my CFATO but I was wondering if there's anyone who can point me in the right direction(s) to help me to equip better and provide the evidence I need. Any point of reference would be greatly received!

    Thanks all for your help!!!!

  2. Wait until 'Colin the Postie' comes on. He'll tell you a bit about it. He's a big eared little fella who's a bit deaf. An ailment his wife took full advantage of when she said "All you think about is yourself, f*ck you!" and snuck out the back door. Colin's been sat in his living room for 6 months now waiting for her to come back with 'some shelves from 'B & Q!'.

    Colin likes the cadets. Bit too much for a full grown man if you ask me, but you can't say that he's not keen.
  3. I find this interesting, as there were at least two AIs, myself included, who had done a number of St John's Ambulance Fist Aid courses (the other AI worked for them at one point as an assessor/instructor) and we were able to carry our quals over to ACF :?
  4. Thanks KW - I've questioned the same. I can teach/ assess upto 2star level, and have so far also assisted on several 3star FA courses, but to make it count I need to do the Frimley course. It's in the interests of the cadets and so I don't have any issue with doing this course, if it's the one that the ACF will recognise.

    Cheers for your insight!
  6. Fair play; learn something new everyday. Have been thinking about evidence and the like - I don't know if you did your quals as part of SJA staff (or similar) or through work/ personal preference. SJA (or simialr if you worked for them) should have some sort of record of all the quals you've got and so should ask them for a copy; if you did it through work/ personal preference, you should have been sent certificates for each individual course.
  7. I've recently done the FAAW course through my civvie job, and this has been recognised by the ACF on presentation of the certificate to my admin officer.
    My CMT qual was not recognised however even though I still have the paperwork (including the certificate....

    I'll be interested to see what the difference is on the ACF/CCF course, and might well sign up for it once I've got may AI's out of the way.