IdleAdjt said:
After recently getting dumped by a very fine bird I went through the period of mild depression and then the self-doubting phase. A short spell of I hate women phase in which I vowed to be a warrior monk for the rest of time has now seen me move into the sexual revenge stage.

I have taken the command decision that I shall take my revenge on the bird who dumped me, who I still miss- boo hoo, by making the rest of the female population suffer. I intend to do as much rutting as a teenage bunny and I intend to do it with as many women as possible in the shortest time. After a promising start and getting two on the go, I have found a few more potential bed-fellows. However, I am now begining to confuse their life stories and in real danger of slipping up and letting the cat out the bag. Short of taking out my notebook to refresh myself of their life story, I have now hit overload. If I am to achieve my revenge on women in general I need to find a system for keeping track of who's who.

I know there are many on this site who have less morals than me so I expect many have done it before. What advice can you give fellas?
Hey if a woman did this she would rightly be named a bunny boiler :)
Darth_Doctrinus said:
Fcuk off Frilly. IdleAdjt is in the Army and can do whatever he damn well pleases. You are a vile disgusting civilian whose sole purpose is to consume resources and spread disease.

Fcuk off.
Ooops didnt mean to stand on your toes D_D........Im only a size 5 hmmmmmm
Frilly has gone. She asked me to suspend the account this afternoon.
Why is Frilly getting attacked so much lately? I've never noticed her acting 'strangely'. She seems ok to me. I have noticed the attacks going in within chat but I've no idea why. Now I see that she has decided to terminate her account. Can anyone give me some background?

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