Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RCSignals, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. Someone sent me some pictures from the Stone Mountain Highland Games in Georgia, USA.
    This one is just weird.

    8O 8O

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  2. As a non-Jock I find this highly amusing and not a little confusing. Is there actually anything relating to the Highlands in this blokes get up or is the US evolving there own version of Scottish tradition?
  3. He probably watched Braveheart.
  4. Is that a dirk or a letter opener he is wearing?
  5. Could this actually be the prototype of the new Royal Regt of Scotland No.1 Dress? It has the hallmarks of the Defence Procurement Agency written all over it.
  6. What a c*nt.
  7. is that a price label hanging from his belt?
  8. Why is he wearing a toga? He must be a Greco-Jock of 110AD!

    Why do the yanks love Scotland so much? I know its Gods own country, but there is more to it than the Victorian myth and Shortbread Red Tartan.
    I refuse to understand how having some septic's great, great, great, great grandfather from Berwick makes them 100% Scottish!!!!! GRRRRRRR

    <Rant Over>
  9. Your bang on there mate. Spams tend to get a little dissapointed when they visit Gods country on holiday and discover that nowadays your typical 'hielander' sports burberry/kappa garb as more practical daywear.
  10. Gods own county is sussex .Scotland may have dramatic landscape ,But,its hard to enjoy a pint outside in a warm summer evening without being eaten alive by midges .Can't believe in a supreme being who would chose scotland over sussex.

    P.S. shouldn't that loon be in walts are us thread ?
  11. Scotland is Gods forsaken country. B*stard midges, clegs and blokes saying " like Ken...", 3 feet of snow every winter, p*ssing it down with rain the rest of the year, feezing cold at all times, ridiculously long winter nights and summer days, stunning scenery !!!! No way - barren hills with row upon row of spruce, bloody deer busting your car, sheep wandering everywhere. cold sea, wee-frees etc etc etc.

    I'm all for Scottish independence and will be the first to help dig a trench from Berwick to Solway to float it off as an Island.

    Still - will meet them in the world cup won't we.......
  12. Rubbish, there are hardly any midges in Grampian. Anyway, the beasties would only bother a girly southerner. You need to grow some more body hair.
  13. Sussex is nice and gets a little more sun than Scotland. But, I have heard a rumour that all you women have thick facial hair and webbed toes :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Probably so. Just look how he's combed his hair.
  15. I'm all for Scottish independence as well, as long as we get the revenue from the oil. At present one billion £ per month goes to Gordon Brown in taxes. Just think how that would boost the Scottish economy and infrastructure, heck, we might even be able to build a decent road that goes up the west of scotland instead of having a single lane and traffic light on the side of Loch Lomand.
    But then that would put a serious dent in the English economy, which it could not patch up with stealth taxes, so it looks like England will live off Scotland for at least the next 30 years( being how long that the oil is expected to last).
    People can convince themselves and try to justify to others that I am wrong, but that does not stop the truth being the truth!

    Since the time of James VI of Scotland and the terrible mistake he made in believing the english, Scotland has never been truly free, and never will be untill the money runs out.