Friendship with Sappers in Suffolk?

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Hey, I just joined today wanting to make friends with some sweet and cool military guys Smile Guys in camo in Suffolk, Woodbridge area (applied for a job in the Junior ranks mess at Rock Barracks, Woodbridge but not successful unfortunately) But am just looking to make friends to hang out with cuz I actually have a boyfriend who is in the U.S. Air Force but as far as our relationship goes, things are a bit complicated and I don't know what the future holds or if we are even gonna have a future together, so it's all kinda in the dark for me as to what will happen between us. But until I know where I stand, I'm just wanting to have a friendship and we'll see what happens from there. But If you look as good as those guys in the link in my signature then you never know what could happen! Wink I'm definitely a sucker for a guy in uniform but camo especially! If your interested in hangin out and being friends then it would also be cool to see who I'll be talking to and hanging with...young guys around my age (23-27) with short military hair cut. Only people who genuinely wanna be friends and active duty, still actively serving.


I've locked this for the obvious reason that some people simply can't resist getting their crayons out and colouring all over this forum.

If anyone wants to contact the OP you know what to do. If you aren't genuine then leave her alone. I don't expect to have to deal with complaints as a result of this. Grow up FFS.
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