Friends reunited?

Having been deprived of my military pension, I find that my age now prevents me from securing renumeration similar to that I enjoyed prevously .

Under pressure from her indoors, I have had to resort to acting as translator for some of the PMCs out here, otherwise we would have to sell one of our villas in Dubai. After a few hours translation with one nameless PMC, I stopped off for a "Brew" in the green zone with one rather irate PSD.

It would seem that the country manager for one of these PMCs is an ex "slime" officer, who has not endeared himself to some of his employees. The company is doing V well out of several lucrative contracts, but employees are not being appropriately resourced in terms of basic weaponry, protective equipment, life and medevac insurance and vehicles.

Further cetain PSD operations are going through extremely high staff turnover rates as employees are voting with their feet.

None of the boys on the team are prepared to name him in front of me, probably for OPSEC reasons, in any event it would certainly be quite vulgar to indentify him here.

However, I would have thought that as most Senior Intelligence Corps officers, even retired ones, would be doing everything they could to ensure that their troops are appropriately resourced, that he would be quite recognisable to some of you??

As a product of Mons OCTU myself, I did find it hard to believe that any British officer could behave in such a way.

My instinct tells me that this man may be an impostor, don't you call them "Walts"??

Without naming names, I would be interested to hear if this behaviour resonates with any of you, or if indeed the man is a "Walt"?

If he shows his face out here, I sense there may be a warm reception awaiting him<<and not from the natives!! :oops: >>
Ahhhh...poor lads not being looked after by their PMC employers. Bless.

They should pay no attention to the nasty man.
Iraqi_DMI said:
Having been deprived of my military pension, ...... >>
Fcuked up then!!!!
AF1771 said:
Iraqi_DMI said:
Having been deprived of my military pension, ...... >>
Fcuked up then!!!!
You could put it like that.

But then if your country were invaded by, say the Swabians, Romans or the Normans, and they shattered most of the institutions in your society and offered no credible alternative; you might just be in a similar position?

As a relative late-comer to the rumour service, you might care to do a bit of basic research before tossing in your useful one-liners.

(From what I can recall from some of the more accademic periods at OCTU, The Romans and the Normans did bring their alternative institutions with them, wheras others left a vacuum :wink: )

PS: back on topic, some of you who have PM'd me on this subject have been spot on!!
I just don't have any friends, So I joined the TA lmao!

No but really, I am on there but not had a look in years :)
fecked if I know !!!!
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