Friends Reunited

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Mar 10, 2003.

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  1. Has anyone had any interesting, strange, unwanted or delightful messages from old pals via Friends Reunited?

    Any school reunions?

    My primary school set one up in 2001 and it was a revelation.  I was just about the only one without children - most had at least two sprogs and one girl's eldest daughter was just leaving our old primary school to go to secondary school. Made me wonder what I had been doing with my time!

    A rather intense social scene developed out of the first reunion and everyone started going out drinking about once a week and sending lots of e-mails round.

    The next time I saw them all again, they had been spending so much time together they had reverted to playground style behaviour and baiting. It became rather like a strange anthropological experiment. But not something that I wanted to make the centre of my social life.  I tend to drop into drinks with them about twice a year and the girls come up to the City occasionally for lunch.

    Lovely to see them again - and most of them are good people - but I think the old rule of thumb is true - that if you were meant to be close friends with them, you would have stayed in touch.

    Be interested to hear about other experiences.  

    PS Wish I had thought of Freinds Reunited first - it was started in a spare room and is now worth £30m+.  Here's hoping, COs!
  2. I met up with my first girlfreind from school on that site.  She's still got great tits.  I'm hoping to slip her one next leave, when her husband is away.
  3. I know that Gunny uses it to track down vulnerable single mums, promises them the world, builds up thier hopes, pokes thier kakpipes, swamps the bed and buggers off into the night.

    Well done that man ;D
  4. Good drills! :D
  5. An ex who had been cheating on me whilst I was over the water got in touch recently after probably doing a name search. Told her life was great and that I had just passed the one year point with the girl of my dreams. She hasn't got back to me yet, I hope I didnt appear cold!!!  :D  :D  :D
  6. Again GOOD FCUKIN Drills keep the wenches thinking before you know it they'll be ringing/e-mailing/drippin like a fukced fridge and still die wondering!?
  7. Why has the NAME SEARCH function been out of order for so long? whenever I go on there it seems to be f***ed.
  8. I had a bit of a hard time at school, but I think that friends reunited is a good part of the healing process. I am currently using it to track down and kill the people who gave me sh1t at school. With an array of weaponry including a big bag of frozen dung.

    Oh and if any feds are reading this, i'm just kidding.
    Oh and more importantly if anyone is reading this who knew me from school. You had better brushing up on your escape and evasion you ghastly foggin nomads.
  9. Wahey ! ! !

    Bean flicking on the forum ;D

    Come on then Wirecutters, explain in full graphic detail what you would like to get up to, with F_S
  10. I wouldn't say that, but I've had my fun !!  
  11. Seriously though, I was surprised at just how crap everyone else had done in my year.  

    Where do you get these quotes from Mighty?  I'm wetting myself as I type !!  Kakpipe, indeed !!  Richy, were are you?
  12. Slightly off thread, but found this, would like to think it's true, and thought great!! don't think they will be on friends reunited!!

    An Army Ranger was deployed to Afghanistan. While he was stationed there he received a letter from his girlfriend. In the letter she wrote that she had slept with two guys while he has been gone, she wanted to break up and requested that he send back her picture.

    The soldier did what any squared away soldier would do. He went around to all his buddies and collected all the unwanted photographs of women. He then mailed about twenty five of the pictures to his girlfriend with the following note:

    "I'm sorry I can't remember which one you are, but please take the one that belongs to you and send the rest back."
  13. Nevermind all that, I want to know if wirecutters is going to fiddle with F_S hooded button ;D
  14. But does FS swing that way?  Coming from the 'City', were anything goes, I'll assume so.  FS, can we watch?

    And Wirecutters, which side of the North of the Border do you live?  It's fairly interesting in Mancland.  And Blackpool is just up ter road.
  15. God Forbid......... I live north too, not too far from that helluva place known as Manchester, Ohhhh bye the way Gunny

                 2 nil, 2 nil


    And no, I don't live in Scouseland.

    Now we know your part-time job, you're the one with the nice legs in Funny Girls huh??