Friends on joint maneuvers.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 30, 2005.

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    I think that is a good time for joint Russian-British maneuvers. I would be very happy in this case.
  2. Came very close over the airport in Kosovo, or so I'm told 8O .
  3. my mate was there the russains where trying to swap all thier kit for food supposably
  4. In Kosovo the Russians sent a complete BTR crew home via CHECHNYA for being pissed when a load of UN big wigs tipped up
  5. Hmm, considering we had troops exercising with and training Georgian soldiers (shown on TV) not so long ago while the two countries were happily enganged in a playfight, we seem to be playing the divide quite nicely. I believe there are are other eastern European countries whose militaries we are supporting against the wishes of Moscow including the Ukraine to name one major player in the region. Mmm, the two-faced nature of politics.
  6. Hi!

    'Arguments and facts' is a popular Russian weekly. Few years ago its circulation was 20mln. Now 'only' 2-3 mln.


    As for me then I prefer joint maneuvers and football matches without political games.

    Note: word English is frequently used in meaning British in Russian.
  7. Ah. Argumenty u Fakty - how I loved that "paper" at Uni. Helped no end understanding Russian idiomatics.

    Let's not forget the Russian Colonel in Chechnya who flogged a tank to the enemy to pay of gamblinf debts, though!

    Seriously, the more we in the UK and Europe work together with you guys, the better. We should, I believe, work towards an United Stated of Europe - it's Churchill;s idea, after all.

  8. Classic from the mists of time

    "Next Year's Camp will be in South Armagh,Some of the locals have agreed to act as enemy.................."
  9. Hi Woo!

    15 years ago 'A&F' was a NEWSPAPER but now it is rather simply a paper (even worse than the Sun).

    Btw, surname of the author of the article in A&F is maiden surname of my (Catholic born, Polish) late grandmother. Maybe even he is my distant relative. So I refered to A&F mainly for this reason.

    United Stated of Europe? Excellet idea. Later or sooner it will be realised. I don't see alternative.
  10. History clearly wasn't this journo's best subject at school i see :roll:
  11. You are very attentive! I missed it. The journo indeed should be ashamed.