Friends of RnR Island

The following SL users are officially friends of the Island following donations made through the Donations Boxes. I will post up names every so often.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Lonetree Yip
Whisky Woodget
Mister Hudson
Meiktilla Zenovka
Nehustan Coronet
Brent Foden
FluffyBunny Grot
Sniper Bobak
Bing Sinatra
Nastasja Kostolany
DayWalker Decosta
Elvin Balczo

A special mention goes to Bulletsponge Hefferman for the donation of the Bull riding game in lieu cash. Cheers mate.

And the sploder over the square also made just over 50 bucks this week, which all goes in the pot.

Since client version 1.14, the donations boxes are not telling me who is donating. It tells me how much, but not who. Sometimes i get a you've been paid by message, sometimes i dont.

Suffice to say, all donations are greatly appreciated and i will try and get to the bottom of this technical problem and update the names list when i can.

Apologies to all.


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